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Yarrah is a well-known manufacturer of organic food for dogs. Organic wet foods are highly beneficial for your dogs since all the ingredients used in them are natural, derived from farms, and free from all kinds of artificial synthesization. Also, in some cases, organic wet dog foods are safer and more affluent in nutrition as compared to the non-organic ones.

In this article, we are testing and reviewing its Organic Dog Food (chunks with chicken) to see if it is perfect and safe for your dogs or not.

Yarrah - An Overview of the Brand

Yarrah is known as the pioneer brand of organic food for cats and dogs. In fact, two decades ago, it was the only brand offering healthy, nutritious, and organic pet food. For Yarrah, organic was the kind of change that was essential for the pet food market.

Moreover, the brand pays special attention to its suppliers and the breeding of the animals being used in the production of the food. The manager of the brand visits the suppliers and farms himself to ensure that your pets are getting safe, healthy, and organic food.

Furthermore, all the products by the brand are free from harmful chemicals, flavours and colours, refined sugar, antioxidants, and artificial fragrances. Also, they don’t include additives like hormones and antibiotics.

However, we believe one of the negatives of this brand is that their mainline is dry food. For our full article on wet vs dry food, click here. However, in summary, the long term use of dry food can cause protein, fats, and vitamins deficiencies in our pets. Also, dry food can causes digestion and other health problems. Therefore, we highly promote the feeding of wet food.  

Organic Dog Food Chunks with Chicken

This delicious wet dog food by Yarrah contains juicy chunks of chicken, tomatoes, and nettles. 

This unique combination will be extremely beneficial for your dog’s kidneys and urinary tract system as well. Also, this food is beneficial for your dogs the digestive and immune system due to the supply of vitamins and proteins.

It doesn’t matter if you have a puppy or an older dog; this organic wet dog food by Yarrah is suitable for all types of dogs. The meat used in the recipe is entirely organic and will provide your dog with a delicious, healthy, and nutritious meal. In addition, the food is entirely free from all kind of additives, artificial flavours, GMO, and pesticides to ensure a flourishing and string life for your dog.

The chunks in the can are small, and easy to eat. Also, the meat chunks are covered in a broth-like sauce to provide your dog with a more delicious and flavorful taste.

Ingredients and Declaration

The thing we loved the most about this organic wet dog food is the declaration. The declaration includes all the ingredients with the relevant percentages included. 

The food contains 55% of broth, which includes chicken and water. The remaining 45% is chunks that is 46% chicken meat, 11% chicken liver, 26% chicken carcass, 2% minerals, 3% dried aloe vera, 2% soy protein powder, 2% potato starch, and water. This is a very good declaration from Yarrah and it states exactly which part of the chicken the meat is from.

What Can Sizes are Available?

The product is available in two different can sizes – 405 grams and 820 grams cans. 

You can choose the can size according to your requirements and order the food online through their website.


Yarrah has been producing healthy, organic, and safe food for dogs since 1992, and we know for sure that this is a reliable brand. 

We tested their Organic Dog Food Chunks with Chicken. Out test dog loved its taste and we loved their open declaration!

As mentioned before, the only drawback we found is that the brand’s mainline is dry food. Other than this, we didn’t find anything wrong in the particular wet food we tested and reviewed.

In short, it is a highly nutritious food, with high-quality ingredients, and will allow your four-legged companions to live a long, healthy, and prosperous life.

8.8Expert Score
Yarrah Organic Dog Food

Score and review based on testing and analysis of the dog food available on their website. Also, product reviews, testimonials, value for money and customer service are considered. For more information on testing, visit our test criteria page.

Type of Declaration
Apparent Meat Content According to the Declaration
Ingredients According to the Declaration
  • Organic Quality
  • Good Declaration
  • Reliable Brand
  • The Brand's Mainline is Dry Food
8.8 Total Score

Yarrah Organic Dog Food
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