About Us

Dog-Food-Info.com is designed to be a fully independent one-stop-shop for anyone who is keen to feed their dog the best quality food available.

Our comprehensive articles and reviews are produced to give dog owners access to non-bias nutritional advice, with the dog’s interest and needs at the heart.

We work across Europe and the United Kingdom to grant dog owners the chance to understand what actually goes into their dogs feed and find the best dog food available in their country.

We are a team of dog lovers and pet nutrition enthusiasts who have spent years researching, analyzing and reporting on dog and cat nutrition from across the world.

Why Dog-Food-Info?

For far to long, dog food manufactures have been allowed to get away with producing, marketing and selling poor quality food.

From our research, it is clear that the pet food industry has turned into a battleground of capitalism. The combination of low-grade ingredients and high prices has meant that there’s only been one winner in this whole situation. And, unfortunately it’s not dog owners or our pets.

Moreover, with the current declaration rules in place, dog food manufactures can be very vague as to what actually goes into their feeds. Also, the quantities contained and what ingredients have actually been used.

And, what’s worse, it’s now becoming apparent that poor nutrition and low-quality dog food is having a direct impact on our dogs health.

These points alone sparked our interest and we wanted to make a difference in the pet food industry.

We were (and still are!) outraged at the amount of publicity major brands are getting for their ‘high-quality’ ‘premium’ food. All of that, while the quality is just NOT there! It seems the more money the dog manufactures have for their marketing budget, the more people buy their food!

And, its our mission to change this.

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Dog-Food-Info.com is a non-bias, independent portal of information. It has been established for people to find reviews and gain a greater understanding of what they are feeding their four-legged friends.

We review various dog food products, test and score them as per our testing criteria (which can be found here). Also, we give our honest opinion on the dog food brand and ingredients.

We aim to provide as much information as possible so you, the dog owner, can decide which food to best feed your dog.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, or if you would like to get involved with our research and work, you can contact us here.

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