Best Natural Dog Treats in Europe

1 Rumen Snack for the Dog

Rumen Chew

The trend towards a healthy and varied diet has arrived in dog nutrition.  A species-appropriate feeding is as important as the preferences of the dog. Raw meat is now available in many supermarkets and on the internet through BARF.  ...
2 Beef Lung as a Dog Treat

Beef Lung

Untreated, dried and cut into small cubes, beef lung is a delicious alternative to the traditional treats for your dog.  But what is beef lung  Beef Lung Consistency The main part of ...
3 Cattle Head Skin in a Bowl

Cattle Head Skin

As the name implies, cattle head skin is an air-dried, hardened scalp of cattle.  It can be purchased in various forms: with fur, without fur, in stripes, pieces or as a plate.  In general, cattle head skin can be purchased in any pet ...
4 dried-meat-for-dogs

Dried Meat

Dried meat products are healthy chewing fun for dogs! But what exactly is dried meat and how much should the dog eat? The following article explains the manufacture process, properties and explain exactly what to look for so that the meaty ...
5 A Bowl of Chicken Stomach

Chicken Stomach

In addition to their daily feed, chicken stomachs are a great snack to be included in your dogs diet.  As a reward snack on walks or during training, the crispy stomachs are very popular. They are low in calories and fat whilst being ...
6 Cow Ears for a Dog Snack

Cow Ears

All dog owners have been in the position where they just want to buy new food for their pet, but the offers in the pet shops are just too attractive to pass by and they are tempted by treats which would make their four-legged friends ...

Natural Dog Treats Explained

The natural pet treat sector is one of the fastest growing areas of the pet industry. Worldwide, pet parents are humanizing their pets and giving treats and presents to their four-legged friends. 

What’s more, pet owners are now starting to realise the benefits of feeding high-quality and natural food and treats to their dogs compared to low-value, poor nutritious options available.

But, what are natural dog treats?

In simple terms, natural dog treats are snacks which are produced with only natural ingredients and do not include any artificial or synthetic ingredients. 

Choosing the Best Natural Dog Treats

With the HUGE range of dog treats available, it can be difficult to navigate and choose the right snacks for your four-legged friends. Dog treats come in all different shapes, sizes and flavours, but how do you choose which selection to go for?

More often than not, you can narrow down your dog treat choice by looking at what the treats actually contain. Similar to when choosing the right dog food, understanding the product declaration and ingredient list to know what the treat actually contains is important for your dog’s health. Also, it’s also recommended to do some research on the brand itself to see if they tick all the boxes when it comes to processing standards.   

dog with treat

What to Look for when Buying Dog Treats

Similar to when choosing a dog food, you need to check the ingredients list carefully when it comes to buying dog treats and snacks. Studying the ingredient list will determine whether or not the treat is suitable for your four-legged friend.

It is also recommended to check where the dog treats were produced as some countries hold different standards when it comes to pet nutrition. We recommend to always look for pet food and treats which have been produced in Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom as these countries hold the highest standards.

To help our readers, we have put together five key points to look out and avoid when it comes to dog treats AVOID:

  1. Artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.
  2. Low-quality ingredients such as meat by-products.
  3. Treats which contain salt or syrups.
  4. Snacks which contain wheat, soy and corn (especially if your dog has an allergy)
  5. Those that contain large amounts of sugar

Instead, you should opt for dog treats that are natural, free from any added extras and look for treats that have essential ingredients such as Omega fatty acids.

Human Treats vs Dog Treats

Hearing the word treat often makes us think of tasty snacks with often low nutritious value. For humans, we may feel that a chocolate bar or crisps is the perfect treat to keep us going. These might not be the best option from a nutritional perspective, but they are often the most enjoyable treat for many.

However, when it comes to dogs, more often than not, the highest quality treats are the tastiest for our four-legged friends. The more high-quality nutrients they contain, often the better they smell and taste. Also, most dogs love to have treats they can play with and endure for a long time.

Benefits of Feeding Dog Treats

There are many benefits of feeding treats to your four-legged friends. Commonly, treats are given as a reward or for praise, however they can also form part of your dog’s daily nutrition.

Treats are invaluable for training! Given as a reward, treats can be used to prompt a particular action or alternatively when the command has been carried out. Also, some treats can be used for chewing activities and to provide mental stimulation for the animal. Feeding treats can also be for entertainment purposes as they tend to keep your dog busy and active.

There are also some nutritional benefits of feeding dog treats, especially if the treats are of high quality and contain beneficial ingredients for our four-legged friends. 

Overfeeding Dog Treats

As a new dog owner, it’s very easy to overfeed treats, especially during training phases. A useful way to manage treat consumption is to regard all treats as being part of your dog’s daily food ration, not an addition to it. Managing treat consumption and adjusting food quantities given at mealtimes will reduce the chance of overfeeding.


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Due to the quality of the Anifit treats, they are not only recommended as a reward but also for ongoing maintenance on your pet’s dental health.

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