Nutrition for Sensitive Dogs

Does your dog have sensitivities and you’re not sure what food to feed them? Well, this is for you! In this post, we talk about the nutrition for sensitive dogs.

We recommend that nutrition-sensitive dogs, and those who suffer from allergies or intolerance’s should be fed organic dog food. This primarily due to the organic foods lack of artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and harmful additives compared to other options.

If you don’t fully understand what organic dog food is, check out our organic dog food article here. 

An organic feed has many advantages over traditional foods. For example, it’s more natural, balanced and in keeping with the original diet of the dog.

At the same time, there are no artificial additives, preservatives, attractants or flavours that can damage the health of the animal. Also, genetic engineering is eliminated and an increase of raw materials is used.

The owner can also guarantee the fruits and vegetables in organic feeds were not treated with pesticides or insect killers, another health risk for the dog which can be ruled out.

However, beware and check the quality of the organic seal!

Not every organic seal goes hand in hand with the guidelines. In this respect, it is worthwhile to find out more about the individual organic labels and to find out which product meets the strictest guidelines. As part of our organic dog food test, you will find all the information you require.

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