Why does Dog Food contain Cereal?

In this article, we answer the question; Why does dog food contain cereal and grain?

Well, here’s the answer…

Grain and cereals are often used in dog foods as they act as a type of filler. This means the added cereals saturate the animal and makes them feel fuller after eating. However, cereals hardly adds any real nutritional value, so why do manufactures add them?

It’s simple.

They add grain and cereals to compensate the lack of meat and other expensive ingredients in their products. Adding cereal to pet food adds bulk to the food meaning manufactures can produce greater amounts of food, for a cheaper price. Ultimately, it’s a cost saving measure for the manufactures and a cheaper dog food option for the buyers.

In addition to possible allergies and intolerance’s, too much grain can lead obesity, diabetes and other health problems.

In dry food, added cereal and grain is needed in order to achieve the desired consistency and to ensure a longer shelf life.

However, surprisingly, larger quantities of grain are often found in wet food. This is often because manufactures are able to produce larger quantities creating a greater profit margin.

How do you know if the dog food contains cereal?

Looking at the ingredients and food contents of the dog food will determine how much cereal is contained within the mixture. However, hidden declarations are also possible.

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