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Rumen Snack for the Dog

The trend towards a healthy and varied diet has arrived in dog nutrition. 

A species-appropriate feeding is as important as the preferences of the dog. Raw meat is now available in many supermarkets and on the internet through BARF. 

Also, on offer is rumen as a fresh meat ingredient, chewy snack and processed into finished products.

What is Rumen?

The digestive tract and system of an animal can be a complex. In simple terms, the ingested food passes through various areas of the stomach before it is excreted again. A stomach area is the rumen

Here is the first place where the food is pre-fermented and the structure of the food is broken up. 

A digestion by the microorganism has taken place, which sticks to the stomach wall. 

The rumen is one of three mauls and can hold around 100 litres of food.

During the slaughtering process a cow, the rumen has no significance for the meat industry. Therefore, the stomach finds its way into animal food production.

What Ingredients does Rumen contain?

The rumen is an organ in which green fodder is split. 

Nutrients and vitamins are released and can be utilised by the body. Part of the nutrients accumulates in the forestomach. 

The rumen is therefore a vitamin and nutrient-rich piece of the cattle. The inhere completely covers the spectrum of B vitamins and contains vitamins A, C, D and E. 

In addition, they are good suppliers of fluorine, iron, copper, manganese, iodine, calcium, magnesium, zinc, sulphur and phosphorus. 

The actual content of minerals and trace elements depends on the type of cattle and the type of processing.

Where is Rumen Offered?

Rumen is offered as a fresh food supplement, dried or as a filling in snacks. 

Rumen, which is offered for the diet of the BARF, is differentiated between green and white rumen. 

If you are one of the lucky dog owners who can buy meat on a farm or at a butcher’s of your choice, you can also take the cattle rumen there. 

Your dog will find a high quality beef stomach as a delicacy. Alternatively, a request at the regional slaughterhouse is worthwhile. 

Pet food suppliers sell it frozen over the internet and populate the freezers in well-stocked supermarkets. The food should be slowly thawed in the refrigerator before feeding. 

The dried form of rumen is a popular and healthy snack.

Green Rumen

Green rumen is raw and untreated stomach contents. Stones, plant remains and everything that is not digestible for cattle can still be found in the stomach. 

Before feeding, with this in mind, a thorough cleaning is required. Sometimes, green rumen is offered already minced and therefore cleaning is not necessary. 

The green rumen has the highest vitamin and nutrient content among the offered rumen products. 

As already mentioned, it has an intense smell that many dog owners find unpleasant. Nevertheless, the smell should be natural and not smell too rotten. Look for good quality and the origin of the rumen even with frozen goods.

White Rumen

White rumen is the purified and cooked version of the intestine. The cooking causes a change in colour with the rumen becoming light in colour. The big advantage is that the smell is relatively mild compared to green rumen. 

However, while cooking, many of the vitamins and nutrients are lost. This results in the snack losing some of its positive nutritional benefits. Many dogs do not like eating white rumen compared to green. It is useful to understand which your dog prefers to see the most benefits from the food.

Snacks made from Dried Rumen

The range of supplemental dried rumen food is large. 

Chewbones provide the dog with enjoyment and specifically fulfil the chewing needs and care of the teeth. This type of snack is made from cow’s stomach offer nibbling fun for several days.

They also provides many vitamins and minerals when dried and is less odour intensive than the fresh product. Dried green rumen still has a stronger odour than the variant of white rumen. 

Smaller snacks are good for a reward during training or a snack in between. Also, an advantage of a small treat is the low odour nuisance!

Regardless of which rumen variant you choose to feed your four-legged friend, it can provide the dog with digestive problems. 

During the digestive process, the dog can get flatulence, which can also smell very intense. However, the flatulence is harmless and will go away after a short period of time.

Is Rumen Healthy for the Dog?

With rumen, the dog absorbs the inner gastric mucosa, a muscle layer and peritoneum. Also included are intestinal bacteria which can have a positive effect on the intestinal flora of the dog. 

The immune system of the dog is strengthened and a good intestinal flora has a positive effect on many occurring allergies. As with many foods, too much is not conducive.

Rumen is not suitable as complete feed in dog nutrition. Combined with other meats, however, it is an important addition. An issue with rumen is that it can cause issues for a dogs digestive system. Rumen is only a small part of muscle meat, the rest is connective tissue. 

The metabolites from the connective tissue are excreted through the kidneys and liver. If too much rumen is fed regularly, it can result in large loads for the dog’s internal systems to process.

A full-grown dog should eat 2% of his body weight daily. In a 25kg dog, this equates to 500g of fresh rumen. This applies to dogs that have a balanced movement. Older dogs that no longer have the agility of a younger dog need less. 

Watch the weight of your dog. If the weight increases sharply, the proportion of rumen should be reduced.

Especially puppies need a balanced diet. There are special fresh meat mixes with rumen supplement for the young, which can be fed in small portions. Watch the weight development of your puppy and adjust the amount of rumen accordingly.


Most dogs love rumen and it is no coincidence that bovine cow chews is a classic among dog snacks! A big advantage are the natural additives and good ingredients that the dog consumes. 

However, rumen is high in calories and should always be used in regard to the body development of the dog.

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