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In 2019, the dog population in Italy totalled approximately seven million. According to a 2019 survey, around 60% of all Italian pet owners have a dog. 

As the number of Italian pets owners has increased, the pet food demand and consumption has also increased. 

In 2019, pet food sales had a value of over €2 billion. This figure has seen a steady increase since 2012 and is anticipated to rise by 4.7% by 2025.

This growth in dog food sales from 2019 is supported by the rising demand for more natural ingredients and high-protein options.

Dog owners are choosing a dog food that is beneficial for their pet’s health and wellness. They value nutritional quality more than price. This positive increase is expected to continue in the coming years.

It is no surprise that the key trends in dog food manufacture now mirror the same trends in human food: clean label, alternative proteins and more nutritional ingredients. Dog lovers in Italy are willing to spend money to keep their pets healthy, and they want to understand the ingredients list. Moreover, dog owners in Italy are now opting for more fresh, frozen and made-to-order diets for their pets. 

Although premium dog food products can be readily found in the shops in Italy, an increasing number of owners are now starting to buy their dog food online.

The online process is far more convenient, straightforward and hassle-free. You can browse at your leisure and take the time to consider the ingredients and health benefits. There is always a plethora of information about the product and the brand to read and consider. 

What to Consider when Buying Dog Food in Italy

Pet owners in Italy understand that giving their dogs a complete and balanced dog food diet is one of the most important things they can do for their pet’s health. 

Sufficient knowledge and understanding of your dog’s breed, age, weight, behaviour, and activity levels must be considered when choosing your dog’s food.

As dogs have different nutritional needs at various stages of their lives, feeding a food formulated for their life stage is essential.

Like humans, dogs have their own taste preferences, so it is recommended to have dog foods in various textures and flavours. That way, you are sure to find a healthy dog food that they will enjoy!

Best Dog Food in Italy 2021

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Why High-Quality Dog Food is so Important?

For dog owners, understanding the best food to feed your pet is essential.

Managing your dog’s health starts with their diet.  It is important to know that not all pet foods are made using the same standards, rules and protocols.

Many foods will provide and meet the basic requirements to sustain life. However, higher-quality foods will give optimal dog nutrition. 

The proper balance of nutrients is essential. You must ensure that your dog gets enough water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins.

These essential nutrients are required as part of the dog’s regular diet and are necessary for a dog’s basic functions. Without adequate nutrition, your dog would not maintain muscle tone, build and repair muscles, teeth, and bone, perform routine daily activities and fight off infection.

Mood and Behaviour

Feeding a dog food with natural, high-quality ingredients can positively impact your pet’s mood and behaviour. You should also avoid giving dog food containing artificial additives, as they can cause hyperactive behaviour, lack of focus, and higher reactivity towards people and other dogs.

Controlled Weight and Good Muscle Tone

Switching your dog to a high-quality food diet helps it to maintain a healthy body weight. Dog foods that contain fillers and preservatives can leave your pet feeling sluggish, overweight and at risk of health issues.

High-quality foods rich in protein are integral in building skinhairmusclesorgans, and other tissues. Feeding your dog a high-protein diet ensures that it can develop and maintain strong muscles.   Additionally, it helps maintain lean body mass while shedding extra fat.

Dog waiting for food

Appropriate Energy Levels

Your dog needs the appropriate amount of nutrients from a food source so that it can be absorbed by the body and converted into energy. 

Low-quality foods, especially dry food, can be challenging for a dog’s digestive system to break down and glean nutrients from. In comparison,  high nutrient foods are more digestible, which enables your dog’s body to absorb more energy from the food they’re eating, leading to optimal health for your pet.  

General Wellbeing

Just as a healthier, more natural diet improves our bodies’ overall quality and health, the same is true for our furry friends!

Think about how you feel when you eat a whole and nutritious diet versus how you feel when eating a diet packed with junk food. Your body needs natural nutrition that provides necessary vitamins and minerals, the same for your dog. 

It is important to remember that our dogs rely on us to make the right choices for them. Providing them with a high-quality diet is one of the most important choices we can make for them.

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