Best Dog Food in Europe | Anifit Products Explained

At Dog Food Info, we have ranked Anifit as the number one pet food in Europe.

They offer dog and cat food that is 100% natural, free from any added preservatives and contains between 90% – 99% human edible meat in each can.

Anifit pet food is produced under strict Swedish laws, meaning no animal testing, mass production, and permanent antibiotics.

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This article will explain some of the Anifit products in more detail and give you a greater insight into Anifit’s high-quality ingredients and declarations.

Anifit Gockel’s Duett (Cock’s Duett)

The most popular Anifit dog food is Gockel’s Duett (Cock’s Duett in English).

This meal is light, hypoallergenic, and is ideal for dogs with allergies or digestive issues. This variety is often recommended for dogs who are new to Anifit and are being given high-quality food for the first time. 

The Gockel’s Duett range contains only one meat source: chicken (total meat content – 94%). Other ingredients include potatoes, chicory, dill, calcium and rosehip. 

Below you will find the declaration for Anifit’s Gockel’s Duett.

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The Gockel’s Duett variety contains a small amount of inulin.

Inulin is a type of soluble fibre found in many plants and is often connected to having health benefits for humans and animals.

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How Much Food Should I Be Feeding My Dog Each Day? 

Anifit also offers various tools, such as the brilliant interactive Anifit food calculator.

The Anifit food calculator will help you calculate how much food you should be feeding your four-legged friend each day when considering their age, breed, and size. Click here to use the Anifit food calculator. 

Click here to use the Anifit food calculator

Our Anifit Recommendation

We recommend Anifit’s Gockel’s Duett when beginning with this brand or for sensitive dogs. It is a high-quality dog food packed with goodness. 

When you place your order with Anifit, you will be assigned an Anifit consultant who is always on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding the food and brand. This gives owners an excellent opportunity to discuss their dog’s nutritional requirements.  

The Anifit experts will happily provide you with a complete plan for your pet’s nutrition.

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Further Anifit Products Explained

Despite Gockel’s Duett being the most popular Anifit meal, the company also offer a wide selection of other high quality canned foodBARF and freeze-dried snacks

Anifit canned food contains between 90-99% human edible/human grade high-quality meat, which is a massive bonus for anyone looking to feed their dog a natural diet that is as close to their ancestorial diet as possible. 

Anifit recognises that every dog is different with various tastes and likes.

With that in mind, they have developed foods with a range of meat sources and flavours. Additionally, they have two options: mono-protein (only one meat source) and multi-protein (multiple meat sources).

With high-quality chickenbeefrabbit and even horse, you are sure to find an Anifit food that your pet will love.

To explore the Anifit products in more detail and to view their website, click here.

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