RyDog Dog Food

The search for a full-fledged complete feed for our dogs can be difficult to find. There are numerous dog food brands and types out there on the market all claiming to deliver optimum dog nutrition, however how do you know which brand to trust?

In this article, we are reviewing the RyDog selection. In particular we will take a closer look at the RyDog Vitality Organic Beef variety.

An almost completely listed declaration of all ingredients with exact quantities,  the RyDog Vitality Menu is a showcase example of how declarations should be listed. It’s easily understood for all dog owners to know what they are exactly feeding their four-legged friends.

RyDog Dog Food

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RyDog Dog Food - The German Example of the Swedish Company

RyDog as a brand is the German counterpart to the Swedish produced Anifit, which in turn belongs to Provital

With the RyAnimal series, the company dedicates itself to the production of high quality and well thought-out feed for numerous animal species.

As the name suggests, the RyDog vitality menus have been adapted to the needs of dogs. The wholesome fresh meat food is based exclusively on meat and meat products that have been approved for human consumption. The cold filling procedure during the manufacturing process means that the important nutrients are retained.

RyDog Vital Menu Can Sizes

Anyone interested in the RyDog vital menu benefits from different packaging sizes

The canned fresh food for dogs can be purchased in 200g, 400g or 800g cans.  

Also, the cans are available in packs of 6 directly on the provider’s website, so that you can save some money compared to buying the cans individually.

Even sensitive and nutritionally sensitive animals can tolerate the RyDog wet food well , only one type of meat is used per flavor. Allergy sufferers in particular benefit from this composition, as possible allergy triggers can be avoided.

RyDog Declaration

According to the declaration, the complete feed for dogs is suitable for all dog ages.

The organic quality dog food is gluten-free for even better tolerance. With the help of healthy fructo-oligosaccharides, the RyDog vital menu organic beef enables a gentle strengthening of the intestines and the immune system, so that nutrition- sensitive animals benefit twice from the carefully prepared dog food.

RyDog Meat Content

At first glance, the high amount of fresh meat and animal by-products catches attention! What is even more impressive is the breakdown of the food in the products declaration. 

If we take the Organic Beef variety as an example, it shows that there is 89.1% meat on the ingredients list. This is then immediately broken down further into the actual composition including beef muscle meat, beef lung and beef liver. 

This RyDog product really has nothing to hide!  

Premium-Quality Ingredients

The company uses premium-quality fresh ingredients to ensure your doggy gets nothing but the best.

Your pet will get all the vitamins and minerals they need from the wet dog food, so you don’t need to use any supplements in addition to the feed.

Plus, the meat contained is of such a high quality that it is human edible!

High Meat Content

Dog thrive on a high-meat diet.

For millions of years, dogs have been hunting prey and eating it! A wild dog’s diet is meat-based

Their natural diet is high in animal protein and fats. The only carbs they did eat were from the undigested food in their prey’s stomach.

Dogs do best on high-protein, high-fat, and low-carb diets. Plant-based ingredients should be minimal in high-quality dog food.

In each RyDog can, there is around a 90% meat content included. With the RyDog declaration, you can also clearly see what is actually included in each can and how much. 

This is information which isn’t always readily available from other manufactures.

Deliver All Across Europe

Despite the food being produced in Germany, you can have RyDog Menu delivered across Europe. Orders are typically dispatched within 3 working days, so you don’t have to worry about running out of the food. 

Their food is mainly couriered by DPD and DHL, so you can be sure to have a tracking number and know exactly when your order is going to arrive.

High Quality Dog Food: RyDog – Why We Recommend

We believe RyDog is one of the most high-quality dog foods on the market. From the article above, you can see why we recommend this food so highly!

What we like about this dog food is that:

● It contains more meat than most other dog foods do
● It doesn’t contain filler ingredients
● It’s free from low-grade meat
● They use high-quality and fresh ingredients in their recipes
● They don’t use any artificial colouring, flavours and preservatives in their recipes

Do you have any questions? Leave them in the comments, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

RyDog Dog Food

Use the discount code RYDOG10 to get 10% off your first order for RyDog. 

This discount code is exclusive for Dog Food Info readers! To keep up to date with the latest discount codes, sign up to receive the latest discount codes and special offers here.

9.2Expert Score
RyDog Dog Food

Score and review based on testing and analysis of the dog food available on their website. Also, product reviews, testimonials, value for money and customer service are considered. For more information on testing, visit our test criteria page.

High Meat Content
Clear Declaration
Customer Service
Value for Money
  • Over 90% Meat
  • Human Grade Meat
  • Clear Declaration
  • Suitable for All Ages
  • No Animal Testing
  • English Customer Support
    9.2 Total Score

    RyDog Dog Food
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