Raw Paws Pet Food

Raw Paws Pet Food provides a well balanced, nutritional raw food option for owners. 

The company has been around since 2014 and their focus is practical, affordable and accessible pet food, treats, chews, supplements and much more.

Raw Paws pet food is one of the top dog food brands in the USA. In this article, we will review this pet food, look at how good their food is and give you our honest opinion.

Raw Paws Overview

The Raw Paws pet food brand is all about partial raw and full raw feeding. They also offer freeze-dried variants (similar to those seen on our TruDog Review) and all their food is grain-free. 

Benefits of Feeding Raw Dog Food

If you’ve been looking into feeding raw dog food already, then you are probably aware of some of the immediate benefits.

Raw Paws have listed some of these below.

Benefits of Raw Paws for Pets

As discussed in previous articles such as ‘Dog Nutrition Choices – Are Your Shortening Your Dog’s Life?’,

 there are harmful ingredients found in many dry foods. Feeding raw dog food eliminates these ingredients and provides natural ingredients. 

Benefits of a raw diet include improved teeth, immune system, weight maintenance and reduced allergies. Many dog allergies can be as a result of feeding a low nutrient dry dog. Dry dog food is dehydrated and unnecessarily packed with bad ingredients or fillers. It’s these unnecessary nutrients which can have adverse effects on the health of our dogs.

Raw Paws - An Owners Perspective

There are several reasons why feeding Raw Paws is beneficial to you as the dog owner. However, there are also disadvantages of feeding a Raw Dog Food Diet

Raw Dog food is exactly what you think it is. A raw cut of meat prepared fresh for your dog.

One of the first downsides of Raw Dog Food is that it may contain bone fragments. There are also cases where dogs experience gastrointestinal inflammation and infections. With this in mind, dogs with trouble digesting bacteria are advised against any type of raw dog food. Dogs diagnosed with Cancer can have trouble digesting bacteria and thus a raw diet may have adverse effects on their health. 

Another reason why owners do not feed raw dog food can be due to the cost although it’s nutritional benefits have been proven.

What’s in Raw Paws Raw Dog Food Diet?

One of the most incredible features of Raw Paws is its commitment to providing raw dog food products.

Their product line is well respected.

If we take a closer look at the Raw Paws Signature range, it is clear to see that quality is at the heart of the Raw Paws brand. 

The Raw Paw Signature range is put together in what they call the complete reference ratio.

It’s the equivalent of what our pet would eat naturally in the wild.

This ratio is referred to as the 80/10/10 rule, meaning 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% organ.

This Raw Paw product is vacuum-packed into a minced sausage (called a chub).

The food looks good and is packed in a way to stop it being over-processed, cooked at high temperatures or drained of its nutrients. 

Raw Paws Dog Food

The Signature Blend product’s include the following ingredients:

Beef Round, Beef Meat, Beef Bone, Beef Heart, Beef Tongue, Beef Liver, Beef Kidney, Beef Spleen, Beef Suet.

The combination of meats is great. Additionally, the food does not include fillers, additives or preservatives.  

The combination of meats is great as over and above being raw, the meat is also single protein (mono-protein). Also, the food doesn’t include fillers, additives or preservatives.  

Raw Paws Dog Food Nutritional Guarantees

Raw Paws is a small family-run business. They are passionate about the products they make and the ingredients contained within it.

Selected farms provide Raw Paws with their raw ingredients. These free-range farms produce small batches in line with United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Regulations.

Raw Paws - Products Available

The Raw Paws list of foods is extensive (there are over 100 products). The wide variety means your dog will always have something fun and interesting to eat. 

Their list includes:

Signature Blend

This is the minced meat option we have referenced above. Signature blend needs to be stored in a freezer and thawed for 48 hours in a fridge before serving. It is extremely rich in nutrients and looks delicious. This product is as close to nature as you can get without buying an actual cut of meat.

Raw Paws Dog Food

Complete Signature Blend Patties

This has the great nutrition of in the Signature Blend in a patty. In short, this is for owners who are on the go and don’t want to measure out each meal. The Signature Patties have been portioned to make serving simple. 

Complete signature blend patties

Freeze-Dried Complete

This range is great for owners who are not ready or able to try the complete raw meat diet for their dogs.

The Raw Paws Freeze-dried option includes all the natural raw meat nutrients. However, the meat has been freeze dried. This process locks in all the nutrients and the result is a food that does not need to be refrigerated. It is great for owners who don’t want to handle real raw meat, but still want to give their dog’s some of the best nutrition possible. 

Real Raw Meat (Organs & More)

There is nothing more organic than real raw meat.

Above are just a few of the options available from Raw Paws. Their options include:

  • Chicken Gizzards
  • Duck Necks
  • Beef Hearts
  • Beef Lover

PLUS, so many more options to choose from. 

Raw meat

Treats and Chews

Check out these Freeze-Dried Chicken Hearts and Grain-Free Dental Chews. These are just an example of the awesome treats and chews range. All the products are freeze-dried into chewable jerkies and twists.

Raw Paws Chews

Raw Paws Shipping and Delivery

Check out these Freeze-Dried Chicken Hearts and Grain-Free Dental Chews. These are just an example of the awesome treats and chews range. All the products are freeze-dried into chewable jerkies and twists.

Raw Paws Customer Services and Support

Raw Dog Food can be scary. There are numerous ways of contacting Raw Paws and Dog Food Info can confirm this.

Not only will you be able to give them a call during working hours, but they also have an email support line for those after-hour enquiries. Their website also includes:

– Feeding calculator

– FREE meal-plan consultation

– Feeding guide and schedule

Raw Paws Pricing

One of the most important things to consider before changing to Raw Paws is if it is affordable for you. 

The pricing ranges from between $1 (a small dog) – $7.25 per/day (for an extra-large dog).

This is NOT what we were expecting from such a premium brand. Customers receive the correct guidance to achieve a nutritious and affordable solution to feeding their beloved pet.


Raw Paws Conclusion - Our Recommendation

Raw Paws food is very impressive!

The company have gone the extra mile to create a Raw Dog food product that stands out for its nutrition as well as the packaging.

Their website is professional, their products are clear and their product descriptions go the extra mile to answer any questions before you can think to ask them!

They highlight the fact that they are a small company who also receives their raw produce from other small farms.

Overall, we are excited about the Raw Paws brand. They offer some great products and have our four-legged friends at the forefront of everything the brand does.  

We would recommend Raw Paws to any dog owner who is looking to feed a raw dog food diet but doesn’t want the hassle of sourcing the ingredients themselves. 

9.2Expert Score
RawPaws Pet Food

Score and review based on testing and analysis of the dog food available on their website. Also, product reviews, testimonials, value for money and customer service are considered. For more information on testing, visit our test criteria page.

High Meat Content
Clear Declaration
Value for Money
  • 80/10/10 rule, meaning 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% organ.
  • Single ingredient, single protein – No filler, additives or preservatives.
  • Not just food, they offer treats, supplements, grooming and accessories
  • Offer meal plan subscription
  • Ethically sourced, healthy animals – No antibiotics or hormones. All meat from USA family farms.
  • Made fresh weekly in small batches – Ensures freshest, highest quality raw food.
  • Product ships same day - *Excludes weekends, holidays & cut-off times.
  • All ages and breeds.
  • Raw dog food can run the risk of difficult to digest bone fragments.
  • Raw dog food bacteria is high.
  • Preparation can take up to 48 hours from frozen.
9.2 Total Score

Raw Paws
User Rating: 5 (1 vote)

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