Best Dog Food – United States

Dog Food Info has found that not all Dog Food in the US is made equally.

Your dog deserves a balanced diet that has all of the correct nutrients to ensure their health and well-being. Simply paying attention to what your dog is eating can dramatically improve their happiness, quality of life and longevity. Many more companies are now looking closely at their ingredients when producing their dog food.

Best Dog Food in the USA 2021

The Dog Food Info Team has researched some of the best Dog Food in the US and we have 3 results to share with you. These Brands are:

1. Darwin’s – Natural Pet Products
2. Raw Paws
3. TruDog Dog Food

Darwin’s Natural Pet Products

Darwin’s Dog Food has been designed with your dog’s breed in mind. They have developed a wide variety of dog food that is species-appropriate and inspired by a dog’s ancestral diet.

Their ingredients promise that all their dog food is made from free-range, cage-free or pasture-raised meats, coupled with organic vegetables. Of course, these ingredients are also safe for human consumption and are ethically sourced.

Darwin’s focuses on providing dogs with over 90% of human-grade meat in their dog food. This means that their product is all real raw meat, served fresh. They provide a true doggy ancestral diet that has been prepared and packed for online orders and subscription delivery service.

Darwin’s has proven to be a very honest dog food brand and customers will experience good customer service and support when purchasing from them. It gets a definite recommendation from The Dog Food Info Team.

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An all-American Dog Food Brand that was founded in 2014 by a heartbroken Dog Lover, TruDog is taking the Dog Food industry by storm.

Fueled by her research on a dog’s true diets, Lori Taylor(Owner) began TruDog. This brand provides a new-age dog food that utilizes real-meat that is then processed by freeze-drying. This innovative method has meant that TruDog can supply real, highly nutritious food that is free from unnecessary ingredients and fillers.

What sets TruDog above the competition is its unique real meat processing. All of its produce is freshly prepared and freeze-dried to lock in its freshness. This turns their real meat portions into delicious dog food which can be stored on a shelf in your pantry.

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Raw Paws Dog Food

Raw Paws

Raw Paws is one of the most impressive brands we’ve uncovered at Dog Food Info. Their company is focused on providing real raw meat dog food.

Raw Paws sets themselves above the rest by providing their clients with real cuts of meat. From their “chubs’ ‘ which are real minced raw meat to their raw turkey necks, Raw Paws provides our dog’s with a diet that is as close to their ancestral diet as possible.

Their products include detailed declarations. Thet have multiple support channels and most importantly, they have considered their customer’s wallets. Feeding raw paws can start from $1 per day for a small dog to around $7 per day for a much larger breed.

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Why High-Quality Dog Food is so Important

If you’re still wondering why your dog food is so important, then you should think about it in the same way that humans think about their diets.

Dry dog foods are mass-produced and just like fast food is for us, they can be bad for our pets. It may provide us with the nutrition we need to survive but very little else to make us happier or healthier.

Real meat dog food or highly nutritional dog food which has been prepared to provide an optimal ancestral diet is like eating organic vegetables, leafy greens and great cuts of meat. It provides real natural nutrition which our bodies love, makes us feel good, and is good for us. This diet will likely keep us healthy, prevent illness and make us look and feel great.

This is why The Dog Food Info team encourages knowledge of your dog foods ingredients. You are your animal’s provider and it is up to you to give them the healthy diet they deserve to enjoy happier and healthier lives.

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Best Dog Food - United States Summary

1 Darwin’s Natural Dog Food

Darwin’s Natural Dog Food

Darwin’s claim that feeding their food will give you a "healthier, happier pet in 30 days".  They offer a wide variety of food and treats for both dogs and cats. At first glance the brand looks very impressive and offers a great ...
2 Raw Paws Pet Food

Raw Paws Pet Food

Raw Paws Pet Food provides a well balanced, nutritional raw food option for owners.  The company has been around since 2014 and their focus is practical, affordable and accessible pet food, treats, chews, supplements and much more. Raw Paws ...
3 TruDog Dog Food

TruDog Dog Food

TruDog is an all-American dog food brand that provides a healthier and more natural pet food for our dogs. TruDog gives you the convenience of dry food by freeze-drying real raw meat. Your dog will get all the goodness and nutrients without the ...
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