TruDog Dog Food

TruDog is an all-American dog food brand that provides a healthier and more natural pet food for our dogs.

TruDog gives you the convenience of dry food by freeze-drying real raw meat. Your dog will get all the goodness and nutrients without the fuss and the high-costs of feeding fresh raw meat.

They also supply treats, supplements, dental products, toys and accessories.

TruDog Dog Food

TruDog Overview

TruDog was founded around 2014. Their journey began as a result of the death of the owner’s dog and her subsequent quest to help other dog owners going through the same situation.

TruDog is taking the US pet food industry by storm with its range of dog Freeze-Dried Dog Food. This is a new and innovative way to deliver the nutrients of Raw Dog that has the convenience of kibble without the harmful additives. 

The difference with TruDog is in the Freeze-Drying technology it uses. Their nutritional edge is also thanks to the high quality of their raw ingredients. TruDog uses farm-fresh protein in their Dog Food for all of its products. The process also retains a fair amount of water to aid digestion.

TruDog’s raw ingredients are sourced from humanely run family farms in the USA. This fresh meat is deboned by hand and is flash-frozen. This process locks in the raw meat’s nutrients. TruDog’s ingredients are free from chemicals, additives, grains, and fillers.

TruDog utilises quality cuts of meat, organ meats plus a little herring oil to aid digestion. It should be noted that TruDog adheres to the AAFCO approved diet. It is a veterinarian-recommended, balanced diet based on the Alpha Prey BARF model. The BARF model (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods Diet) is the recommended correct diet for your dog to follow. 

TruDog offers raw diet which goes some way to replicating your dog’s wolf descendants live-prey diet. 

TruDog Dog Food Range

Not only is TruDog serious about nutrition but it has also created a range to excite your furry friend every meal-time. 

The TruDog Range is very comprehensive. Check out our list of some of TruDog’s top categories below.

Food Range:

These nutritious foods are all professionally pre-packed and ready to serve with just a little bit of water. They are the closest to Fresh-Raw food that owners will find in a bag that they can safely be stored in a cupboard or pantry.

    • Freeze-Dried Raw Food
    • Raw Food Toppers
    • Protein Packs

Treats: These contain the same delicious real meat found in TruDog’s dog food. These treats are prepared to provide maximum chewing fun. A nutritious snack for your dog without the dangers of indigestible animal hide or hoof which may cause your pet discomfort or injury.

    • Freeze-Dried Raw Treats
    • Jerky Treats
    • Chews & Bully Sticks
    • Treat Packs

Supplements: TruDog’s supplement range is not just for ageing dogs. They include remedies for common Hip & Joint Care to Calming supplements. These contain no psychotropic drugs which are generally found in a vet prescribed medication.

    • Hip & Joint Care
    • Calming/Anti-Anxiety
    • Complete Omega
    • Bone Broth

Dental: TruDog’s range is packed with great ingredients such as anise seed and parsley to help prevent infections. Also included is O.M. COMPLEX-ORAL. This is a patented ingredient which safely removes sulphur compounds that cause bad breath.

    • Dental Treats
    • Dental Spray

Grooming & Accessories: This range by TruDog includes a non-irritating shampoo and a selection of toys which are safe for your pet.

TruDog Declaration

Let’s look a bit closer at TruDog’s declaration and discuss their nutritional content. There is a large TruDog range so in the example we are going to cover the “Feed Me Beef Freeze-Dried Raw Superfood 14 oz”. It is one of the most popular in the range and is a good benchmark for the rest of the TruDog Range.

Nutritional Information includes:

Crude Protein, min………………………….41.00%

Crude Fat, min……………………………….28.00%

Crude Fiber, max……………………………4.00%

Moisture, max……………………………….5.00%

Calories…..4595 kcal ME/kg; 286.59 kcal/cup

TruDog promises that their meat is locally sourced in the United States from family-owned farms. This Free-Range meat is then prepared and freeze-dried for packing. This complete process takes just 72-hours from farm to bowl. They use fresh animal meat, organs, bones and blood with herring oil added for digestion. Some of the premium cuts added include heart, liver, tripe, kidney, bone and fat.

Looking specifically at the “Feed Me Beef”, the ingredients can be noted as Beef, Beef Tripe, Beef Lung, Ground Beef Bone, Beef Liver, Beef Heart, Beef Kidney, Beef Blood, Beef Fat, Herring Oil, Mixed Tocopherols, D-alpha Tocopherols.

Ordering TruDog Online

TruDog has made it very simple for you to try out and enjoy their range of products and will ship anywhere in the United States. You can start by creating a meal-plan and receive 20% off or simply go to their online store and order the products you would like.

The online ordering process is simple. You can even set up a recurring order for all of your dog’s favourite foods.

Finally, TruDog has included a rewards program which will allow you to collect points and receive discounts on your subsequent orders.

TruDog's Background

The TruDog story is profoundly touching and tells us of a Great Dane named Truman who passed away at a very young age due to cancer. Truman’s owner and founder of TruDog (Lori Taylor) blamed herself for the loss of her pup. She wanted to know why Truman passed away at such a young age and how the death of other dogs could be avoided. Lori spent the next 2 years speaking to experts on pet nutrition. Her passion and drive manifested into entrepreneurship despite her heartbreak and the TruDog Brand was born. A Freeze-Dried Raw Diet for Dogs. 

TruDog Reviews & Testimonials

“He was very picky, fussy eater and it drove me crazy until we found TruDog. Max Sends a Paws up!”

“She loves the food and her coat and eyes shine. Her energy level is high and I am very, very happy with TruDog”.

“My Dog did not let me brush her teeth and she was starting to get plaque. She’s been using the chews for 4 months and it’s all gone!”

“I have two dog’s and they are over the top with these treats. Love the selection and I love the quality of these treats!”

Overview: Our Conclusion on TruDog

In conclusion, the Dog Food Info team is impressed with the dedication of the TruDog brand. However, they are not displaying every bit of nutritional information. This is something we can forgive them for as they are a smaller company. We would however like to see a better nutritional breakdown on the contents of their products.

Looking closer at their listed nutritional values, we found that their protein percentages are around 41% on a product such as the “Feed Me Beef Freeze-Dried Raw Superfood”. While this value is not at all low, we have found competitor brands with a higher percentage in similar products.

TruDog provides several support lines for their clients. People who need extra help can speak to their team who are ready to answer all of their questions. 

We highly recommend TruDog to dog owners looking to feed their four-legged friends a high quality nutritional food.

TruDog Dog Food
8.5Expert Score
TruDog Dog Food

Score and review based on testing and analysis of the dog food available on their website. Also, product reviews, testimonials, value for money and customer service are considered. For more information on testing, visit our test criteria page.

High Meat Content
Clear Declaration
Value for Money
  • Doesn’t contain any – wheat, gluten, corn, soy, grain, fillers etc
  • Not just food, they offer treats, supplements, grooming and accessories
  • Offer meal plan subscription
  • All ages and breeds
  • Variety of flavours
  • Lots of contact options
  • Declaration isn’t very clear – doesn’t contain percentages of each amount
  • Only shows to have 41% protein.
8.5 Total Score

TruDog Dog Food
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)

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