How This Pet Food Changed My Dog’s Life – And How It Can Change Yours Too

**Warning, this article may be upsetting for some!**

This article is all about how this pet food changed my dog’s life. And, more importantly how it can change yours too.

Dogs are the greatest friends and companions a human can have. No matter what, are always there for us regardless of what life throws at us.  They cheer us up when we are feeling down, listen to us when no one else will and share our excitement and happiness when things are going well. Dogs are truly remarkable animals.

This is especially true about my best friend Pudding.


In 2019 my job required me to relocate to Cyprus. Without doubt, a beautiful and picturesque island which is steeped in history! 

However, to an English animal lover like me, the one thing that alarmed me was the way they treat their animals. 

It’s not at all unusual to drive along main and side roads of the island and see stray dogs and cats wandering around in a very poor state of health searching for food and searching for someone to love them.  

Unfortunately, these were the luckier ones. It’s also a daily occurrence to see dead animals who have been killed by the passing cars, sickness or malnutrition. 

I am sure the local authorities do what they can but this is never enough.

I was so upset and traumatised by what I had seen, that I very quickly decided to volunteer at a local dog shelter.

It was at this dog shelter that I first met my four legged friend Pudding. What stroke of good luck or fortune got her there and away from the streets I will never know, but I am thankful for this everyday.

There were hundreds of dogs at the shelter and the people there did what they could, but it was heartbreaking.

It was Pudding that immediately caught my attention and captured my heart. She was in a very poor state and nutritiously malnourished. She was skinny and frail, but despite her condition and obvious young age she was so calm, loving and affectionate. 

Pudding had very little energy and just seemed old beyond her years – almost as if she had started to give up on life.

From the moment I saw her, I knew she was going to be my dog and my best friend. I was determined to give her a better life.  

This began with me getting her weight up to ensure that she was on the road to recovery.  The second thing I had to do was to get her away from the kennels and away from Cyprus. 

We eventually both flew back to the United Kingdom in June 2019.

About Pudding

As Pudding was a Cypriot stray dog, her exact breed is unknown. As you can see from the images, she has distinct features from a few different breeds. We like to call her“Our Cyprus Special” because she is just that!

I hate to imagine the life she had before I met her. She has some scars on her neck and back legs from her previous life and gets very scared at certain sounds and in certain situations. 

We are working on this and she is getting more confident every day.

Pudding’s Life in the UK

Upon arrival in the UK, Pudding soon took to English life. She loves to go for long walks in the English countryside and run through long grass. This is something that she didn’t get to do in the hot sandy climate of Cyprus.

The smallest things we humans take for granted were all new for her. For example, walking on carpet! It was a very new sensation for Pudding and it took her a while to adjust to the texture.

She was eating the food I gave to her, however it was clear her nutrition was still an issue. She had regular diarrhoea episodes and the food wasn’t sitting well with her. Pudding was still severely underweight and her fur and skin were not great. I knew that this situation had to be addressed immediately if she was going to have a healthy and happy life here in the UK.


I understood how important nutrition was for any dog but this was even more important for my Pudding who was lacking all the nutrients she needed for a full recovery.

I searched the pet stores, supermarkets, internet … everywhere! I wanted to give her the most nutritious dog food out there.

I spoke with Veterinarians and asked for their advice, I also contacted multiple pet food manufactures across the UK and Europe seeking a pet food designed for sensitive pets, but that was also high quality.

However, I kept finding the same thing … All the dog foods had added preservatives, poor or low meat quality or high grain content.

After trying and testing multiple dog foods from across the UK and Europe, I came across a German pet food company called Anifit.

Anifit changed Pudding’s life. 

After just a short while, she started to fill out, had more energy and became more content and happy.  Her coat started to shine, her skin improved and she got the sparkle back in her eyes.

Anifit Explained

Produced in Sweden and under strict Swedish laws, Anifit produces pet food which:  

  • Between 90-99% human grade meat quality in each can
  • Made for sensitive pets  
  • Is produced with no animal testing, no mass animal gathering, no antibiotics   
  • Designed for every pet age
  • Contains no added colouring agents, flavour enhancers or preservatives  
  • Has a clear declaration showing exactly what is in each can   

They also have trained advisors which help with any questions that arise and help with the transition from the current dog food to Anifit.

The Anifit canned food and natural snacks meant Pudding finally received all the required nutrients she needed from her dog food.

As a dog owner, it was Anifit that made me realise how important species appropriate, high quality and natural pet food is for our four-legged friends.

Anifit is ranked as Germany’s top rated dog food and it’s clear to see why. The company also ship to other European countries, including the Netherlands and France, as well as the UK.

Here is a link to the Anifit shop.

There is also a 10% discount code for new customers: 10OFFANIFIT

Current Story

Pudding is still receiving Anifit food, along with her brother Benjy who is also a rescue dog.

Both are living happily in United Kingdom and enjoying their doggy life being fed a high quality Anifit dog food.

Here are some pictures of the two:

Here is a link to the Anifit shop.

There is also a 10% discount code for new customers: 10OFFANIFIT

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