Minitailz by Invoxia: Revolutionizing Dog Safety and Wellness

In pet care, innovation is vital, and the latest giving from Invoxia has absolutely caught our consideration. The Minitailz, touted as the “most superior overall health and GPS tracker for puppies,” has been creating waves since its introduction at CES 2024 Unveiled. Garnering a CES 2024 best innovation award in the AI class, this solution claims to carry a new amount of sophistication to monitoring our furry buddies. 

Let us delve into what will make the Minitailz not just another pet gadget, but a possibly revolutionary tool for pet protection and wellness.

A Glimpse into the Long term with AI

At a competitive cost of $99.99 (excluding the every month subscription), the Minitailz isn’t just one more pet tracker. It’s a thorough well being and action monitoring procedure that employs AI to offer you unparalleled insights into your dog’s perfectly-currently being. Here’s what sets it aside:

  • Health and fitness Monitoring: Like a health tracker for human beings, the Minitailz information important well being metrics such as resting coronary heart amount and respiratory fee.
  • Action Monitoring: Employing AI, it immediately detects and assesses each day pursuits, which includes slumber, barking, and eating—without the want for bodily sensors.
  • GPS Area Monitoring: Many thanks to a GPS chip and LTE-M network connectivity, it gives specific locale tracking of your pet.
Minitailz GPS Tracking

Inspite of its rather cumbersome physical appearance, the Minitailz impresses with its unique style and design, conveniently attaching to any collar kind. This adaptability, coupled with the device’s safe in shape, makes certain it continues to be in location, supplying continual checking.

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Membership for Comprehensive Obtain

To leverage the complete abilities of the components and application, a subscription is vital. Annual and biennial programs are out there at $129.95 and $229.95, respectively.

Why Minitailz Stands Out

The intrigue bordering the Minitailz extends outside of its attributes. The technology’s “how” – especially the AI’s part in checking without having common sensors – continues to be a interesting secret. This curiosity, along with the likely for in depth pet analytics, positions the Minitailz as a product we’re keen to check out further more.

Further than the Essentials: Minitailz’s Pioneering Attributes

  • Medical-Grade Precision: Recommended by veterinarians, it promises groundbreaking insights into your pet’s wellness.
  • Comprehensive Checking: Track your dog’s coronary heart health and fitness, position, action, appetite, actions, and whereabouts very easily.
  • Award-Profitable Innovation: Celebrated at CES 2024 for its AI-driven insights, Minitailz represents a substantial advancement in pet care engineering. It is the 1st biometric wellness product for canines that’s won 7 intercontinental awards.

Complex Requirements

With dimensions of 59 x 30 x 23mm and weighing just 37g, the Minitailz is as compact as it is effective. It attributes a USB-rechargeable lithium battery, various connectivity solutions (like LTE-M and WiFi), and is crafted from durable resources like Polycarbonate and anodized aluminum. It’s created to withstand the rigors of a dog’s day-to-day daily life, boasting an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance and an working temperature vary appropriate for most climates. Suits onto most collars.


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Invoxia: The Visionaries Guiding Minitailz

Established in 2010, Invoxia is a French powerhouse with a global footprint, boasting workplaces in France, the United States, and China. Specializing in the progress and commercialization of a diverse variety of trackers, Invoxia caters to the tracking demands of autos, men and women, pets, and valuables. Invoxia has established a formidable presence in the pet wearable sector, examining numerous million days of pet action to day.

In Conclusion

The Invoxia Minitailz is more than just a tracker it’s a thorough overall health and activity monitoring program that brings AI into the realm of pet treatment. With its assure of health-related-grade accuracy and ease of use, it stands as a pioneering unit that could considerably greatly enhance the way we treatment for our pet dogs. 


Obtainable for invest in now, the Minitailz may possibly just be the following important tool for making sure the health and fitness and safety of our beloved pets. For individuals searching to dive into the long run of pet treatment, the Minitailz beckons with open up arms. Stop by Invoxia’s formal item site to make your obtain and be part of the foreseeable future of pet care.

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