Great Dog Lover Gifts With Amazing Bonuses!

Are you like me and love giving gifts that fit the person perfectly? While I don’t really enjoy shopping, I do get a charge from finding a great gift. Or rather the perfect gift that matches the person’s personality. With this in mind, today, I thought I’d do something a bit different and dive into the holidays. So, let’s discover some great dog lover gifts best suited for their personalities, each with amazing bonuses.

Paws up the bonus, means they give back. And that’s amazing in my book!

dog lover gifts that give back are extra special

Budget tip:
Gifts can be expenisive. However, you can find discounts and sales. Personally, I love to find gifts that match the person’s personality or style best. Then ramping it up with a company that gives back. That’s how you make a positive impact and give a great gift as well! It truly is the best of both worlds!

The Pup Passport (Remington’s Pup Memory Passport) is such a cute idea from the mind of Pennies Places and Paws.

I can hear you saying what is The Pup Passport? Fair enough. Simply put, it’s a unique way to document your dog’s travel adventures with you. Specifically, it’s a booklet that you can add:

  • Vacation photos
  • Medical and insurance info
  • Write fun memories
  • Stamps from different locations or parks

Plus, Pennies Places and Paws can customize a page with your dog’s specific details. How amazing is that? Plus, the turnaround is terrific as well. She has it in the mail in less than a week. Take that Amazon!

One great of many dog lover gifts is traveling with a beloved dog.
A jack russel terrier dog looks out the window as he travels with his dog mom.

Of course, you can also add the details yourself. Either way, it’s a great gift idea!

Plus, for every purchase made $1 is donated to the non-profit organization, World Vet.

“We believe that animals are not just pets-they’re family.”
~ Pennies Places and Paw

I can only imagine how scary it must be to get a diagnosis of Epilepsy as a dog parent. But, I do know where I would turn. Without a doubt, it would be FiveSibes and Dorothy Willis-Raftery.

According to the FiveSibes website, “there are over 600,000 dogs living with epilepsy in the United States alone.” WOW!!!

However, if I want to be supportive of a dog parent with an Epi-Dog, I’d give this award-winning book – EPIc Dog Tales. It’s a beautiful coffee table book about dogs thriving with the disease. Dorothy is a warrior in the Epi-Dog world along with her fur angel Gibson. Who better to turn to for inspiration?

Cover of award-winning “EPIc DOG TALES” by Dorothy Willis-Raftery. This photo is provided courtesy of Dorothy Willis-Raftery.

“…I learned so much in my quest to give the best life possible to Gibson…”
~ Dorothy Willis-Raftery

Plus, I can tell you Dorothy is continuing her quest daily to help dog parents with Epi-Dogs. She’s an absolute marvel!

Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from each book sale goes to helping other Epi-Dogs. There’s no going wrong with this gift!

Do you know that purple is the color for Epilepsy? If you don’t, then that may be a good thing. But you may have a friend that could use some support.

If you’re looking for a great gift for a Husky dog parent, then the award-winning book “Buddy, the Christmas Husky. A True Holiday Miracle” will be a sure hit! Again, this book is written by the renowned author Dorothy Willis-Raftery

Cover of “Buddy, The Christmas Husky! Based On A True Holiday Miracle.” By Dorothy Wills- Raftery. The photo is provided courtesy of Dorothy Wills-Raftery.

It’s an inspirational story that will uplift and inspire all dog or pet lovers. Heck, who wouldn’t love such a story? “Buddy, the Christmas Husky. Based On A True Holiday Miracle” really is a great read!

With every purchase of this inspirational book, $2 goes to Buddy’s Fund to help rescue huskies. Pretty amazing, huh?

I have a confession – I love fun socks! Okay, so maybe I won’t make any fashion runway with my socks, but I love them. They make me smile and not many people see my socks anyhow. So, really they are for me, right?

If you have a friend who loves fun socks, then Conscious Step has the perfect gift for you. Conscious Step has partnered with Best Friends Animal Society to give back. And they’re doing it in a big way by $1 from the sale of each sock that goes to shelters around the country to help save dogs. Specifically, these proceeds go to food, services, and different adoption needs.

A cute black husky snuggles a red sock.
A black dog snuggles with a red sock.

But even better these Socks That Save Dogs come in 5 colors and styles. And they are VERY cute! I have to say they’d make me smile.

We believe that no matter how small, your actions make a difference. The things you do inspire those around you and create a ripple effect of change.
~ Conscious Step

Who couldn’t get behind this thought?

I have mentioned in the previous posts, that my dog, Henry, isn’t fond of fire. But I do love the smell of a good candle. Sometimes a great candle can make a room feel fresh and new. However, when I do light a candle, I make sure it’s out of sight of Henry.

If you have a friend who’s nutty for candles, then the folks at Scripted Fragrance may have the perfect gift for you. They have a soy candle, with an outdoorsy smell called Rescue Dog Candle.

The inspiration behind Scripted Fragrance is a cute Dachshund, named Dixie-Lee and the founder’s beloved South Carolina. It’s a mix that has worked well and given back as well.

Yep, the proceeds go to help rescue dogs. Actually, 5% of each of these candles is donated to the North Shore Animal League of America to help animals in need.

One of many fabulous dog lover gifts is a gift that gives back like a candle that gives to rescue dogs.
Dog mom relaxes on a couch with her dog and a candle burning.

“There are dogs, and then there is everything else. The bond between humans and our fur babies is unbreakable. It’s impossible to capture the spirit of our canine companions, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. This is where the idea behind Scripted begins.”
~ Scripted Fragrance

That’s a company I can definitely get behind as a dog mom of a rescue pup!

Even better, the Rescue Dog Candle comes in two sizes and in reusable containers.

Do you have a chocolate lover on your list? Actually, I think there are a couple of chocoholics on my list. So, this is definitely on my radar.

Besides, who doesn’t love a little something sweet? Especially when you can give back.

The folks at Rescue Chocolate give 100% of their net profits to animal rescue organizations around the US. Yes, that’s correct, 100%! How amazing is that, right?

Another great aspect of Rescue Chocolate is that all the products are vegan. Even better is that they have fun with their product names to call attention to dogs in need. For example, you can purchase chocolates called:

  • Peanut Butter Pit Bull, calls attention to the breed misconceptions
  • The Fix, reminds people of the need to spay and neuter pets
  • Foster-iffic Peppermit, highlights the importance of fostering pets
Henry loves helping me look for great dog lover gifts that give back to worthy causes.
Henry is on the lookout for a great gift for a dog parent.

“the sweetest way to save a life!”
~ Rescue Chocolate

They could be right!

Rescue Dog Wines, an award-winning California winery. They help a multitude of dog rescues and organizations. Moreover, they donate 50% of their profits (yes, you read that correctly) to help save and help dogs. I have to say that’s freaking amazing!

Many dog parents love wine. As such one great dog lover gifts is wine that gives to dog rescues.
Dog parents enjoy a sunset by toasting with red wine and their pup.

“Our mission is to support the placement of as many rescue dogs as possible into loving homes through wine sales and donations.”
~ Rescue Dog Wines

That’s a great mission. One I fully support!

Rascal Wine, is another award-winning winery. However, they are located in Oregon, for those who prefer a Northwestern taste to their wine.
Currently, this winery has donated over $100,000 to the Humane Society of the United States. That’s rather remarkable!

Dog moms often love wine. This dog mom is enjoying a glass of wine with her dog.
A dog mom relaxes with a glass of wine and her best furry friend, a golden retriever.

Oh, and the name “Rascal” is in memory of their best winery buddy, a Golden Retriever named Rascal.

“We believe that all things good in life are improved by our four-legged friends and hope to infuse that playful, fun nature into everything we do while giving back to our furry friends.”
~ Rascal Wine

I’d say that is something we can all take to heart.

Tito’s Vodka for Dog People is a true dog and pet-loving company. Their workspace is even dog-friendly. In fact, the pups are called co-woofers. Although, cats are welcomed and included as well.

Currently, this company is focused on giving through an affordable nonprofit vet care organization (Emanicipet Nonprofit Pet Care), and two other organizations that fly rescue pets to new forever homes (Wings of Rescue and Pilots N Paws). Each organization they donate to is amazing and Vodka for Dog People is definitely making a huge impact in needy pet’s lives.

Many people love good vodka. This cute Yorkie is sitting on a wooden barrel that could've held vodka.
A Yorkie dog sits on top of a wooden barrel.

“…we love making vodka, but we may love dogs even more.”
~ Tito’s Vodka

I’d say they are putting their words into action and I love it!

I know I love flowers. They always seem to brighten any day. Plus, flowers always remind me of my grandmother and her beautiful garden.

So, if you have a dog friend like me, Crayola Flowers might be a great place to shop. They donate a portion of each item purchased in their HSUS collection to The Humane Society of the United States.

A cute white fluffy dog sits next to a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
A cute dog sits with a flower bouquet.

Who loves a little bling? Maybe I should say, who doesn’t love a little bling?

If you have a dog mom who loves a little glitz, then this could be a great gift.

With this jewelry option, Fred Meyer Jewelry donates $3 from every item in their pawprint collection sold to The Humane Society of the United States.

A woman gets ready to open a small gift box with a red ribbon.
A woman with a small gift box.

While this option is a bit more pricey, there are still several items under $65. Plus, it will never spoil or go bad and the excitement you get is sure to be good. Besides, you’re helping out other animals in need.

I admit, I love reading comic strips. I always love the ones with dogs and pets. That would be one just like Mutts.

Have you seen Mutts, by Patrick McDonnell? This comic strip tells the story of a rescue dog and cat. It’s heartwarming and sweet! Plus, the products are adorable! I can definitely relate to this style.

Many gifts sit wrapped on a table ready to be opened.
Gifts wait to be opened.

If you have a friend who tends to have a style like me, then Mutts may have just the right gift. Also, they have a collection of items that they give a percentage to rescue, shelters, services, animals in need, and our planet in general. How great is that, right?

Maybe you’re thinking about giving a dog as a gift? There is a right and wrong way to give a dog. In this article, I share the secrets.

I admit I don’t like shopping. But finding the perfect gift for each person is always such a thrill. However, when that gift has a higher purpose, such as giving back to help other dogs in need, then it’s even more thrilling. I was surprised at some of the gifts I found and companies with big hearts. But the fact that they have big hearts, makes my purchase much easier. Are you the same sort of shopper?

I suspect anyone who receives a gift from me will be excited. Moreover, I’ll be happy knowing I succeed in finding great gifts but that they are giving even more.

dog lover gifts with a charitable twist are much more heartwarming as they can help other dogs in need

Did any of these gifts fit any of the dog lover personalities on your list? Which ones jumped out to you?


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