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About Open Farm GoodBowl Dog Food

Open Farm GoodBowl Dog Food is a premium, ethically sourced dog food that has been highly recommended by Dog Food Advisor. The product line encompasses three different types of food, each with their specific nutrient profiles to cater to various dog life stages. This includes Growth (puppy), Maintenance (adult), and All Life Stages. Each recipe is carefully prepared with environmentally friendly, humane practices, and as such, caters to pet owners who place a high value on sustainability.

Product Ratings and Analysis

The Advisor rates Open Farm GoodBowl Dog Food with an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars making it an above-average dry dog food product. The evaluation includes recipes for wild-caught salmon and brown rice, grass-fed beef and brown rice, and harvest chicken and brown rice. Special attention was given to the wild-caught salmon and brown rice recipe as representing the brand’s quality and standards. The ingredients are broken down on a dry matter basis for analysis, offering a clear view of their nutritional value.

Ingredient Breakdown

The first and most substantial ingredient of the Open Farm GoodBowl wild-caught salmon and brown rice recipe is salmon. Rich in protein and essential oils, salmon forms the majority of the product. The food also contains menhaden fish meal, a high-protein meat concentrate, and peas that provide a quality source of carbohydrates and dietary fiber. The inclusion of taurine is a positive addition as this amino acid is crucial for maintaining a healthy heart in dogs.

Offered Discounts

Open Farm offers exclusive discounts on their products. A 20% discount with free shipping is provided using the code DFA20, which is a worthwhile deal for budget-conscious pet owners who don’t want to compromise on their pet’s diet quality.

Recall History

It is noteworthy that the Open Farm has no recorded case of product recalls up until March 2024. This shows that they have a great track record of producing high-quality dog food with consistent standards. For updates on this, Dog Food Advisor offers free dog food recall alerts that pet owners can subscribe to, providing peace of mind about the safety of the food they’re feeding their pets.

A Final Note

While Dog Food Advisor does receive a referral fee from online retailers and perishable pet food sellers, it does not influence their reviews of any product. The Advisor maintains high standards for providing independent, unbiased reviews for the benefit of pet owners looking for the best products for their furry companions.


Open Farm GoodBowl Dog Food is a high-quality, ethically sourced, and trusted brand with a variety of options catering to different dog life stages. Dog Food Advisor has given a favorable review of this brand, noting its quality ingredients, nutritional value, and the brand’s commitment to ethical sourcing. Pet owners can benefit from offered discounts, and the product has no recorded recall incidences, providing further reassurance of the product’s quality and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: What is Open Farm GoodBowl Dog Food?
    A: It is a premium brand of dog food with ethically sourced ingredients and a variety of recipes catering to different dog life stages.
  2. Q: What is the rating given by Dog Food Advisor?
    A: Open Farm GoodBowl Dog Food is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by Dog Food Advisor.
  3. Q: Are there any discounts available on Open Farm products?
    A: Yes, Open Farm offers a 20% discount and free shipping using code DFA20.
  4. Q: Has Open Farm ever had a product recall?
    A: As of March 2024, Open Farm has no recorded incidences of product recalls.
  5. Q: Is Dog Food Advisor’s review biased?
    A: No. Although Dog Food Advisor receives referral fees from online retailers and perishable pet food sellers, it does not influence their objective review of products.

Open Farm GoodBowl (Dry)

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