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Terra Canis is a menu that is ideal for dogs with gastrointestinal complaints, allergies, epilepsy or inflammatory joint diseases. You can use Terra Canis Grain- Free as a complete feed and do not have to add other substances, because the entire supply of important nutrients is guaranteed. Of course, it is also ideal for any dog without any complaints.

Can sizes:  400g, 800g Types: 6 types

Overview of Terra Canis

The dog food can be described as home cooking for the dog. This is because it consists of many natural, high-quality ingredients. The recipe was based entirely on the natural eating behavior of the wolf. In addition, there was a conscious and gentle preparation . This has the advantage that the taste is retained and the vitamins and nutrients are not destroyed. This ensures an optimal supply of vital substances for your dog.

The Terra Canis menus are made by a Bavarian butcher’s shop. It is a third generation family business that has already won numerous awards and prizes for their products. This includes, for example, the best butcher in Munich. Quality awareness is particularly important to the butcher’s shop. 

Since it is a purely EU food company that is strictly controlled by the veterinary office, only food- grade goods may be stored, processed and sold. This is no different with Terra Canis Grain-Free, which is why it is guaranteed that only food-grade ingredients get into the feed.

Of course, we would like to mention in passing that Terra Canis of course also has non-grain-free feeds in its range. However, we have only tested the grain-free varieties and recommend that every dog owner generally feed them with grain-free dog food.

Benefits of Terra Canis

All the ingredients in the dog food are freshly processed and are of the food quality mentioned above, which we could even smell in the test. In addition, they all come from German origin, which is why you can be sure that your little darling will only receive the best food . In addition, you don’t have to worry about other additives being mixed in. You will only receive what is on the packaging. No more and no less.

A gentle cooking process is particularly important to the manufacturer. These include cold filling and low cooking temperatures. The valuable nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, secondary plant substances, trace elements and proteins are preserved and get directly into the dog’s body. When it comes to dog food, it is particularly important that there is an optimal calcium-phosphorus ratio of 1.3: 1.0. For this reason, a precisely calculated amount of eggshells and mineral earth is added to the Terra Canis Grain Free. These ensure that the dog is well looked after.

With many modern and bad dog foods, it is the case that many different substances are mixed in. These ensure a longer shelf life or are intended to reduce production costs. Cereals in particular are very popular, although cereals are of no use to dogs . It fills the stomach on its own, but does not release any nutrients. For this reason, this Terra Canis dog food has completely dispensed with grain . There is far too much grain in bad foods such as Pedigree.

You won’t find animal and bone meal as well as inferior by-products, slaughterhouse waste, fillers, attractants, preservatives, colorings and flavorings . In addition, artificial antioxidants and any synthetic additives and sugar were avoided. In this respect, Terra Canis Grain Free is a very natural food and only provides your dog with the best nutrients. By the way, the food tastes like home-cooked and was well accepted by picky dogs in the test.

Delicious Varieties For Every Taste

The dog food without grain is available in various varieties, so that every dog will get a taste for it. However, there are two variants that were particularly popular with our dogsbeef with pumpkin, zucchini and oregano and turkey with watercress, pumpkin and celery.

This variant has been refined with pumpkin, courgette, beetroot and parsnips for a special taste. The coconut flour, linseed oil, pumpkin seed oil, basil, oregano and seaweed as well as a few other herbs ensure that your dog is supplied with all the necessary substances and also receives a great taste experience.

But the version with turkey is also a good solution. Celeriac, carrots, pumpkin and cucumber make up the vegetable part of the feed and round off the light taste for the slim line. Together with basil, watercress, rose hip, chamomile and seaweed, you can be sure that the taste and supply are consistent . The amount of food naturally depends on your four-legged friend and its weight, more detailed information can be found on each can.

Consistent Ingredients

While there are many different varieties, there are some ingredients that you will discover in all versions. This includes the ever-popular eggshell, which provides vital calcium . This is needed for building bones and is essential for a healthy life. In addition, fiber in the form of fruits, vegetables and herbs is added. These nutrients are important for digestion, so that the intestinal motor skills are stimulated and the intestines are cleansed.

The practical thing is that you can enjoy a lot of variety. There are many different types of fruit and vegetables at Terra Canis, so that your four-legged friend never gets bored . In total find more than 20 vegetable. Fruit and herbs a place. The spirulina alga is just as important. This supplies the dog with important minerals and trace elements. This includes numerous unsaturated amino acids as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids and important vitamins that can be found in all types of feed. Not to be forgotten is the mineral earth , which is also known as healing earth . Thanks to this, the perfect calcium-phosphorus ratio can be created without you having to worry about it.

Otherwise, various oils such as rapeseed or wheat germ oil are added. These contain vitamins and omega-6 fatty acids . This is essential for a balanced and healthy diet. To see the ingredients for yourself, just take a look at the label. Of course, the Terra Canis Grain Free is repeatedly checked independently by recognized laboratories, so that the high quality is guaranteed. This means you are on the safe side that the quality is maintained and that you only give your dog the best food.

Terra Canis Declaration

Unfortunately, Terra Canis does not have a transparent declaration. With the percentages, the manufacturer suggests a very high meat content, but unfortunately percentages in brackets after the ingredient do not mean the same as percentages without brackets in front of the ingredient. “Beef hearts (40%)” does not mean that it contains 40% beef hearts, it simply means that it contains beef hearts, but not in what amount

As long as nothing is in brackets after the 40%, the number 40% has no real relevance for the buyer. The number in brackets is about 40% of the beef hearts, the beef hearts themselves could have 10%, 20% or X% share in the feed. 

We call this a declaration with deceptive percentages. Basically, the proportion of meat / by-products cannot be precisely determined, but the declaration is completely legally compliant.

Conclusion to Terra Canis

The manufacturer’s varieties are without a doubt some of the best wet food varieties on the European market.

We can therefore recommend Terra Canis to all dog owners. 

The composition and quality are right. 

However, we do not find the type of declaration so good. It is misleading for people, but does corresponds to the legal framework.

7.2Expert Score
Terra Canis Dog Food

Score and review based on testing and analysis of the dog food available on their website. Also, product reviews, testimonials, value for money and customer service are considered. For more information on testing, visit our test criteria page.

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Terra Canis
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