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Dog’s Love is a brand that sells organic and fresh food for dogs with 100% certified food quality. However, just the promise of being organic is not enough. That is why we are having a close look at the dog food by Dog’s Love to see if it is really as impressive as it claims to be.

We tested their organic chicken recipe with our test dog. Apart from closely studying the ingredients, we also paid attention to the nutrient contents and each component’s exact compositions.

As a responsible dog owner, you would know how important it is to provide your pet dogs with fresh and organic meat, and how much they love it. Your pet dog is a part of your family, and you need to provide them with the best life possible; that also means to provide them with the best food.


Dog’s Love – An Overview

From the Dog’s Love marketing, they promise to provide 100% premium quality and natural ingredients along with 100% enjoyment for your dogs. So we were looking forward to putting one of their cans through our dog food test. 

Moreover, the company promises that they don’t use any chemical ingredients, sugar-containing gluten, meat and bone meal, or soy. 

The Dog’s Love brand comes from the heart of Styria, Australia and all the ingredients are carefully processed in-house. The manufacturing process of their dog food goes through strict quality controls to ensure your pet dogs’ safety. Also, their food is checked and vouched by top veterinarians and nutritionists.

The formula of the companies recipes include a high-quality composition, and there are no allergens inside. Hence, perfectly safe for your dogs to eat and enjoy.

Dog's Love Organic Chicken

The company produces each canned food with only type of meat (e.g. beef or chicken) and one type of carbohydrate.

The organic chicken recipe’s unique selling point is that it went through grain-free production, specifically for allergic and nutritionally sensitive dogs.

Moreover, it has a certified food quality and contains no artificial ingredients or allergens. The best part is that the meat used in this organic chicken food has both approval and declaration from the Animal Welfare.

High-Meat Content

It is widely known that Dog’s Love Organic Chicken Food is a high-quality product and full of nutrients and proteins. Also, the organic chicken in the recipe has a share of 61%, which is a reasonable amount and makes it full of protein.

It is pretty much guaranteed that your dog will get enough animal protein; however, you should know that animal innards/intestines are also essential for a perfectly balanced diet of a dog. Sadly, Dog’s Love Organic Food contains no innards; therefore, we cannot label it as “the perfect diet” for your dog.

What Vegetables are Included in Dog's Love Organic Chicken?

The percentage and combination of vegetables used in the recipe are also ideal and impressive. The formula includes 10% of organic carrots, 10% organic celery, and 8% organic broccoli. 

Also, there is 4% of organic buckwheat kernels included. With this incredible combination, the company practically ensures your dogs’ need for plant nutrients.

Minerals & Seaweed

The addition of minerals also provides optimal bio-availability and nutrient supply through the feed. Organic seaweed, which is considered a real miracle cure from the sea, provides the organic dog food from Dog’s Love with a variety of antioxidants, proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Some seaweed also contains valuable components such as iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, and selenium.

At this point, it is regrettable that seaweed hasn’t been used as it should be. However, since it is a valuable and absolutely harmless ingredient, you can, in good conscience, have a positive impact on the dog’s body.

Basil & Sunflower Oil

This Organic Chicken Food by Dog’s Love contains 0.3% of organic basil. Basil will not only provide your dogs with a delicious taste, but it will also be beneficial for their health. Also, as basil has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory capabilities, it will cause a soothing and calming effect in your dogs’ stomach.

Furthermore, the recipe for organic chicken dog food by Dog’s Love also contains sunflower oil. Sunflower oil contains linoleic acid which is extremely beneficial for your dog’s skin and immune system. Also, sunflower includes a high proportion of oleic acid which helps improve the overall health of your pet dog.

Nutritional Additives

Apart from the perfect ratio of fruits, vegetables, meat, and other raw materials, Dog’s Love organic chicken food also contains many nutritional additives to ensure a long and prosperous life for your dog.

This organic chicken food recipe contains Vitamin A with 2025 IU, Vitamin D3 with 229 IU, and Zinc. Also, it includes well-tolerated zinc sulfate and monohydrates too.

In short, this organic chicken has nutrients, proteins, and wellness in every bite.


If you take a closer look at the compositions, the ingredients written at the back of the can make up only 93.3%, and there is no information about the other ingredients.

The rest of the ingredients could be water to moisture the content, but it has no benefits to offer. However, here, we can only guess.

Can Sizes Available

The Dog’s Love Organic Chicken Food is available in different can sizes and packaging. The smallest can contains 200 mg of wet food, the medium can contain 400 mg of wet food, and the largest can contains 800 mg of wet food. So, you will be able to find the size according to your need and requirements conveniently.

Additionally, the brand offers a value pack too at a lower price. For further details, you can look at their website and buy their dog food online.

Our Experience

We ordered the organic chicken dog food for our test dog, “Archie.” The product came in safe and eco-friendly packaging, and Archie instantly knew that it was for him. He kept sniffing the package until we opened it for him.

The food had a delightful aroma, unlike other dog foods, and Archie loved its smell. He could keep sniffing it for hours. Also, he instantly started eating the food and enjoyed it too. We gave him this organic chicken by Dogs’ Love for two days, and we couldn’t find anything wrong in the food or Archie.

Further, we loved the value and proportion of the individual ingredients; every component was perfectly balanced. Next, we loved the most about the high proportion of meat, exclusively from Animal Welfare. All in all, we found it a high-quality and rich dog food with hundreds of health benefits and no genetic engineering.

Pros of Dog's Love

  • 93% of the ingredients are declared at the back of the can, which is satisfactory.
  • All the ingredients used in the manufacturing process are organic, rich, and high-quality.
  • It contains no artificial flavors, colors, slaughterhouse waste, or preservatives.

Cons of Dog's Love

  • The product contains only meat, and there are no animal innards or intestines.


Our experience with the organic chicken food by Dog’s Love was satisfactory. The nutritional composition, proportions of ingredients, aroma, price, and health benefits – everything was incredible. However, the only downside we found is that it contains no animal innards or intestines. Which means it does not include all the critical and essential nutrients.

So, in our opinion, you can not use this dog food as a “complete food.” However, if you are looking for something as a treat or snack for your dogs, you can surely count on this one without any doubts.

8.9Expert Score
Dog's Love

Score and review based on testing and analysis of the dog food available on their website. Also, product reviews, testimonials, value for money and customer service are considered. For more information on testing, visit our test criteria page.

High Meat Content
Clear Declaration
  • 93% Declared
  • Organic Quality
  • Only meat, no offal for the nutrient supply
8.9 Total Score

Dog's Love
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