What is the ‘Right’ amount of Food?

We are regularly asked by dog ​​owners; “How much you should I actually feed my dog?” Ultimately, there is no generic answer to this question. Mainly due to the uncertainty regarding the ‘optimal feed composition’ which leads to uncertainty for many dog owners who are unsure of the quantity to give their pets. 

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In principle, it can first be said that one starts with the amount of feeding for adult dogs from their respective body weight. Thus, with this in mind, the amount of food for a full-grown dog should fall between 2-4% of their body weight. This rule applies to all dogs that have a normal load. 

However, the specified amount can sometimes vary greatly. For example, a very spirited and energetic four-legged friend needs more food than a quiet placid dog. But also age and health of the dog can significantly affect the amount of food needed.

Since every dog is different and has different requirements, as a dog owner, the best thing to do is observe your dog and ask simple questions such as; How is the dog? Do they make a satisfied impression? How are their activity levels?  

You will quickly find the optimal amount of food for your four-legged friend. The 2-4% body weight rule for food is a good starting point with the quantity being adjusted to reflect your further observations.

Animal and Plant Product Percentages

The total amount of food then splits again into two parts. Thus, 75-90% of the dog’s needs should be met by animal products, such as dairy, bones and meat. The remaining 10-25% should be covered by plant products such as cereals, fruits and vegetables. In our dog food test, the appropriate dog food with the optimal distribution have been evaluated accordingly.

Of course, these ratios don’t have to be taken into account for each feed. It is simpler and also more sensible to create appropriate nutrition plans for the dog. With these plans, you can set the feed for a complete week and make sure that the proportions are adjusted accordingly. This will ensure that your dog always receives a balanced and tailored diet and will ensure nutritional benefits in the long term.

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