Vegetarian Dog Food Diet

Whether a vegetarian diet makes sense for humans is another discussion. However, in any case, it is not suitable for dogs. The reason lies in the anatomy of your four-legged friend. The Predator’s Bite, which has not changed for around three million years, specializes in grabbing, ripping and grinding food. The dog owner should let their four-legged friend pursue this natural need. This will ensure they feel comfortable and accommodated in their appropriate and natural manner.

Dog eating an apple

The digestive system of the dog is also adjusted to the utilization of meat. Unlike humans, the dog’s saliva does not contain any enzymes that can split carbohydrates. For that reason alone, it makes no sense to overfeed grain and other herbal ingredients.

The food gets into the stomach via the oesophagus. For a relatively short time, the food remains in the small intestine, where the main digestion takes place. Everything that is not used here is passed on to the large intestine. That’s the bulk of the vegetable diet. These food elements remain in the colon for one to two days before being excreted. The intestinal length in the dog is between two and seven meters, depending on the breed.

The more herbal ingredients and supplements it contains, the higher the faeces rate of the animal. In a diet adapted to the carnivore, the amount of faeces decreases. 

With this in mind, it appears a vegetarian dog food diet would provide a lack of important nutrients and energy for the animal. This may result in deficiency symptoms which can in turn trigger other diseases.

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