Gifts for Dog Parents Even the Dogs Will Love!

A personalized gift for a dog lover can surprisingly be a big hit. It’s that time of year when everyone is trying to find an amazing gift for each person on their list. I admit I put a lot of thought into the gifts I give to family and friends. I like to match the gift to the person or their needs perfectly or even surprise them with something they never would suspect but would love. Sometimes the best way to do this is with a personalized gift. Do you have any dog parents on your gift list? This is a list of some of the most unique, yet desirable personalized gifts for dog parents that are sure to have tails wagging.

Budget Tip:
Buying gifts can be a chore. Sometimes it feels like the best solution is to bury our heads in one of our dog’s holes. But really with a bit of planning, you can master gift buying, even personalized gifts for dog parents. I like to mark my calendar a few months ahead and then start the process. This way it’s more of a leisurely task than a mundane chore. Plus, I’m more likely to hit a few great sales. Without a doubt, the calendar alert is a super invention! 

Personalized Dog Gifts To Wear

Perfect for early morning snuggles with the pup of the house. Or even a late-night movie or perhaps a quick potty break in the yard.

robe gifts for dog parents
  • This dog lovers robe is high quality and made by Port Authority.
  • The cozy robe comes with the dog breed, which is customizable, and proudly embroidered on the front left of the robe.
  • There are two front pockets, perfect for dog treats.
  • Colors: white, gray, and pink.
  • Sizes: Small/Medium and Large/X-Large

Fleece Personalized Embroidered Dog Jacket

This is a high-quality jacket made by Eddie Bauer. It’s perfect for dog walks and adventures.

Ladies Fleece Jacket

Ladies colors: black, blackberry (purple), deep sea blue, gray steel, river blue

jacket Embroidered Mens Fleece Jackets gifts for dog parents

Men’s Fleece Jacket

Men’s color: black, deep sea blue, gray steel, river blue

  • Lady’s and men’s versions
  • Zipper front
  • Pockets with zippers.
  • Personalized with a full-color dog breed of choice embroidered on the left front 
  • Sizes: XS-3XL

Rain Personalized Embroidered Dog Jacket

Who doesn’t need a great rain jacket for those days that are not so nice, but the pup still needs a walk? This is a quality one too made by Eddie Bauer. If you have a dog mom or dad on your list, then this is a perfect gift. It is available in both ladies and men’s versions

BirdDawg Embroidered Ladies Rain JacketsLadies Rain Jacket

BirdDawg Embroidered Mens Rain JacketsMen’s Rain Jacket

  • It features the dog breed of choice embroidered on the front.
  • The hood is detachable, which is great for those days that aren’t rainy, but just a bit chilly.
  • Colors: black and steel gray, deep blue sea and dark Adriatic, radish and steel gray
  • Sizes: S-3XL

This is a high-quality hoodie made by J. America Sydney. It’s perfect for morning walks or weekend adventures with the family dog.

BirdDawg Embroidered Pullover Hoodie gifts for dog parents
  • Personalized with dog breed of choice embroidered in color on the front
  • Large front pocket for treats
  • Colors: lime, oxford, turpberry (turquoise), white, wildberry (pink)
  • Sizes: S-2XL

Fleece Embroidered Personalized Dog Vest

This is another great way to stay warm on those days when it’s a bit chilly out. Plus, it looks nice to wear it inside as part of an outfit. This is a quality garment made by Eddie Bauer. It also is available in ladies’ and men’s versions.

Ladies Vest

Colors: black, blackberry (purple), gray steel

BirdDawg Embroidered Mens Fleece VestsMen’s Vest

Colors: black, gray steel, river blue

  • Personalized with dog breed of choice embroidered in full color on the front
  • Front zipper
  • Zipper pockets, which are perfect for treats and poo bags.
  • Sizes: XS-3XL

Almost everyone dog parent loves a great baseball cap for early morning walks, long hikes, or other adventures with the dog.

  • Twill cap
  • Dog breed of choice proudly embroidered in color on the crown
  • The leather strap in the back nicely adjusts the size
  • Colors: Caribbean blue, coral, forest green, lemon, maroon, navy, periwinkle, purple, red, royal blue, spruce, stone


These are adorable earrings specific to the dog breed. The dog mom in your life will love wearing these personalized earrings with pride as she walks with her best furry friend.

  • Sterling silver
  • French wires
  • Personalized with the dog of choice

Personalized dog gifts for adventures

This is a great gift for any student, traveling, or adventure-loving dog parent.

  • Comfortable with ergonomic shoulder and sternum straps 
  • Organized pockets
  • Padded compartment for a laptop
  • Breed of choice proudly displayed on the pack in color
  • Colors: gray or navy
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Insulated beverage compartment
  • Side folding table
  • Dog breed of choice embroidered on the back seat area
  • Additional option to embroider dog parent name on the back for extra personalization
  • Colors: black, green, navy, purple, red

If your dog parent travels or is a gym rat, then this personalized duffle bag is perfect.

  • Reflective striping
  • Padded shoulder pads
  • Side and end pockets for extra treats and dog goodies
  • The side is embroidered with the dog breed of choice.
  • Colors: gray, hunter green, pink, red, royal blue

Personalized Dog Gifts From The Kitchen

These beautiful coasters will preserve the furniture from rings in a classy way. Any dog lover would be proud to use these.

Engraved Bamboo Coaster Sets gifts for dog parents
  • Bamboo
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Engraved with the dog breed of choice
  • Available with 4 or 6 coasters

This is perfect for the dog parent who’s also a foodie. While it works perfectly as a cutting board, it also makes a stunning serving tray.

  • Tempered glass for chopping
  • Beautiful wood accents
  • Cheese knife included
  • Engraved dog breed of choice embellished under the glass

This is a beautiful picnic basket for the dog lover who adores eating outdoors.

Engraved Country Picnic Basket gifts for dog parents
  • Engraved with dog breed choice on the top
  • The inner fabric is removable and machine washable
  • Three choices of inner fabric: black and red plaid, blue and white stripes, and red and white plaid
  • Basket measures: 17.25″ x 13.5″ x 8.25″

Personalized Home Decor Dog Gifts 

This is a unique personalized photo frame perfect for the dog parent to display a special moment.

  • Holds an 8″x10″ photo
  • Can be vertical or horizontal
  • It can be hung on a wall or displayed on a table
  • Made of Alder wood
  • Engraved with two lines or a maximum of 50 characters

This is a beautifully engraved crystal dog ornament. It will sparkle any holiday season.

Engraved Crystal Ornament gifts for dog parents
  • Personalized with the dog breed of choice
  • Size: 2.25″ in diameter and 1/4″ thick
  • Comes with a hanging ribbon

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Bonus gifts for dog parents

I always love gifts with a purpose. Here are a few bonus ideas that have a purpose for their purchase.


If you love giving books and love dogs, then you’ll love the beautiful books by Dorothy Willis-Raftery. Plus a portion of each sale goes to help dogs or huskies. Pretty good deal! Below are a few of the award-winning books from Dorothy Willis-Raftery.

Cool dog swag

If you love giving dog sway, let me introduce you to Lucifer The Rescue Pup. He needs expensive surgery, so his mom very creatively started a blog and opened an online shop for Lucifer. The proceeds go to his future surgery and medical needs. Below are a few samples from Lucifer’s store.

Summary gifts for dog parents even the dogs will love! 

It can be fun to find gifts for the special people in your life and personalized ones are often a great hit. I also really like dog gifts with a purpose. Don’t you? It makes for a memorable gift. While it may take a bit of planning, the reaction when the gift is opened is worth it. I know I always love surprising people with something super special they will enjoy, but not normally do for themselves.

What dog parent gifts would you like to give this year? Which one would you like to receive?


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