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Are you worried about your dog’s health? Okay, so maybe you’re not really fretting over you’re pup’s health but you wouldn’t mind improving his/her immunity either. Hey, that’s something almost everyone could use. That includes our furry friends. I know I’m always thinking about how to help improve my dog, Henry’s health effectively while still staying within my budget. Today, let’s dig in and discover 15 easy ways (and a bonus way) to strengthen your dog’s immunity. 

a poodle mix runs as proof of that his dog's immunity system is strong
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Budget tip:

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to boost your dog’s immune system naturally. You can do easy things such as exercise, feeding the proper amount, keeping his/her fur clean and brushed. None of those are pricey. In fact, they are free! Yet, they can impact your dog’s health and immune system in a big way and your budget as well. That’s a HUGE win-win!

Note: Always talk to your vet before adding something new to your dog’s diet or routine. 

Why is it important for my dog to have a strong healthy immune system?

Just like with you, when your dog has a strong immune system, then he/she can more easily fight health issues. Additionally, as your dog’s health improves, then your pocketbook becomes more abundant. A few issues that your dog will more easily be able to fight are:

  • Allergies (including symptoms of itchy skin, runny nose, and itchy eyes)
  • Bug bites
  • Viruses
  • Infections (including ear infections)
  • Stress-related health issues
  • Gastrointestinal issues 
  • Tumors

How can I help boost my dog’s immunity naturally?

You might be surprised that some of the most simple acts can have a huge impact on your dog’s immune system. Basically, it’s a matter of keeping your dog healthy or getting your dog healthy and then building upon it. So, you’ll want to look at including or improving the following 15 actions to boost your dog’s overall health.

1. Exercise

Keeping your dog moving will help to keep joints, muscles, brain, and gut healthy. Additionally, it helps to keep your dog happy and reduces depression. 

However, never push your dog further than he/she can be comfortable. Always know your limits. 

Curious about different exercises you can do with your dog? In this article, I walk you through a few unique ones you may not have thought of yet.

2. Active mind 

Of course, an active mind is critical to a healthy dog. I know Henry loves to train or learn a new trick. He also loves to play mind games at mealtime. Both are great for his health and his brain. 

3. Clean body

A healthy body is a clean body. Yet, a dog can be washed too often. I try to wash Henry once a month and then spot-clean him between baths. By doing this I make sure there are no major issues on his body like hot spots. 

4. Brushed fur

Keeping your dog’s fur brushed keeps tangles and mats out of his/her coat. This is very important as mats can become infected if left unattended. Additionally, by brushing Henry daily, I get to check him out for lumps and bumps, sensitive areas, or other skin issues. 

5. Clean ears

Dogs with floppy ears especially need their ears cleaned regularly. I clean Henry’s ears about every 14 days and check him daily. If he’s itching or they smell, then I clean them more often. This prevents ear infections and helps to build his immune system. 

6. Perfect paws

Keeping your dog’s paws in healthy shape with help to ensure he/she doesn’t develop sores, arthritis, or some other preventable issue. Often I’m shocked at what Henry will have in his paws. I check them daily and then when he comes in from outside. That may seem extreme, but it only takes a few seconds and it can prevent a sticker from being inhaled or a missed ant from biting your dog. 

7. Tidy nails

Henry’s nails grow very fast. I have to trim them every 10 days or so. While I could take him to the groomer, I grind them myself in a few minutes. This helps prevent him from getting pain in his legs, feet, and back. I found a nail grinder that is inexpensive and very easy to use. This is the one I use for Henry.

8. Clean eyes

While Henry’s eyes take a bit more cleaning than other dogs may, it’s still not very difficult. I tend to clean his eyes a few times a day with a warm compress. This helps to prevent infections and even more for Henry. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, Henry was attacked by a couple of dogs several years ago and nearly lost his left eye. By applying a warm compress to his eye, it has meant he didn’t need additional eye surgery. That’s huge for Henry. Well, for my pocketbook too. But I’m especially glad for Henry. 

9. Regularly washing food bowls, dog beds

Just like you wouldn’t sleep on the same sheets for months at a time, your dog shouldn’t either. Or like you would never dream of eating or drinking out of the same bowl for weeks at a time without washing it, your dog needs cleanly washed bowls as well. It keeps germs down and helps to strengthen his/her immunity. 

10. Hydration

How many times has your doctor asked you about your water intake? Water is important for life. That includes your dog. Water can help to improve immunity, keep muscles supple, brain healthy, and have cognitive abilities functioning

11. Proper amount of dog food

Yes, I know it’s easy to give into those sweet puppy dog eyes and toss an extra cookie or more food to your pup. But it can really impact your dog. An overweight dog can have more issues with sleep, breathing, moving, depression, heart issues, and diabetes, just to name a few. In short, a dog’s diet does matter! Thus, making sure your dog gets the proper amount of food is good for his/her health, immunity, and your budget. 

12. Supporting gut health

Have you ever heard that the stomach is the second brain? That’s because it’s got its own nervous system. I know for Henry when his gut is performing in a healthy manner, his immune response is sharper. That makes sense though. Overall, a healthy gut can help to improve your dog’s immunity system and immune response. 

Yet, your dog’s stomach needs to have an ample amount of good bacteria, which helps to fight harmful bacteria. 

For Henry’s gut health, I give him:


Fish oil (omega 3 fatty acids)

Probiotics as needed (good bacteria)

Henry looking healthy as I take care of his dog's immunity daily
Happy Henry with a strong immune system!

13. Teeth health is a must

Did I just hear you groan? I thought this one would be difficult as well with Henry. Heck, when I got him he had a lot of plaque on his teeth. But I was determined to not let him undergo anesthesia and a vet teeth cleaning. We’re now over 6 years and his teeth are in great shape. Henry’s never needed a professional vet cleaning.

In fact, his teeth are better today than the day I adopted him. However, I’ve never brushed his teeth. It’s really been easy. This is what I currently use for Henry’s dental care. Although, I’m always on the lookout for new ways to improve his dental health even more. As I learn them, I’ll post them.

14. Decreasing dog stress or managing dog stress 

Yes, you can help your dog reduce his/her stress. Again, this can be through trainingexercise, or even providing comfort zones. Personally, I have multiple comfort zones for Henry. They didn’t cost me anything to create. Yet he knows those are safe places to retreat when he feels scared or overwhelmed. 

Moreover, I have helped Henry manage his stress with a simple massage. I’m often amazed at how a massage for him will help with gut issues or even help calm him. 

15. Clean toys regularly

This is just like cleaning dog beds. Whenever possible clean your dog’s toys to prevent germs or infections. Additionally, if they have become frayed, then it’s time to toss them and get a new one or try a DIY toy. 

Admittedly, Henry has never gotten the concept of dog toys. However, he still loves to play. In this article, I share how he plays and how you can do it with your dog as well. 

Add a supplement or a vitamin as needed and approved

I know, I’ve been talking about how to improve your dog’s immune system naturally. But honestly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this one. I added a medicinal mushroom mix as a dog immune booster in May at the recommendation of a blogging friend (Layla’s Woof) and the approval of my vet. Graciously, Layla’s Woof has provided a 10% discount for purchases to Real Mushrooms with coupon “LaylasWoof”.

To say I’ve been shocked at the results of these immunity-building mushrooms I’ve seen in Henry would be an understatement. My furry friend has more energy and spring than the day I adopted him. Plus, his GI tract is moving the best it ever has since he’s been with me. Basically, it’s been a great addition for Henry. His immune response and overall health have been improved with this addition. Let me just re-emphasize that, his energy level has improved. In fact, I think I need to add a few of these immunity-building supplemental mushrooms to my diet as well. 

Can boosting your dog’s immunity really impact your bottom line?

YES! Most of what I’ve shared in this article is free. But the results of consistency can be a very healthy dog. I know I’ve seen it in Henry. Honestly, a healthy immune system can impact almost every part of your dog. For example, consider the cost of treating the following dog ailments:

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Summary of easy ways to strengthen your dog’s immunity

Most dog parents are like me and looking for ways to stretch every second out of their dog’s life. Yet make it a high-quality life and hopefully not bust the budget in doing it. I admit, I thought it would be an uphill battle to boost Henry’s immune system. However, I’ve discovered simple ways that cost nothing or are very inexpensive and natural. Those all speak to me! I’ve been delighted to see Henry blossom with improved health. Who doesn’t want that for their dog?

a strong dog's immunity creates a happy dog as proof by this happy husky

How do you support your dog’s immunity? Will you be doing anything different after reading this article?  


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