Bully Sticks

Bully Sticks as a Dog Treat

Bully Sticks are a real treat for the dog

So, if you want to make your dog happy, then this snack will do just the trick! 

The sticks not only taste good, they are also useful for the dental care of the animal and ensure hours of fun for your four-legged friend.

What are Bully Sticks?

They are a treat which is suitable for every dog! 

This chew snack is a digestible dog treat made of dried cattle penis, which is considered an animal by product (of course, cleaned!). 

After cleaning, the bully sticks are stretched and partially rotated which results in a tasty treat for the dog. 

They are firm and hard which means the dog must chew it for a very long time until a piece can be eaten. 

In terms of colour, the chewy snack is dark brown to black and to humans it smells very unpleasant. But not for the dog, they love it!

You can buy bully sticks in any specialty pet stores or from an animal online store..

Bully Sticks as a Toy

To chew a piece of bully stick, the dog needs a long time due to the snack’s consistency. 

But that doesn’t matter for the animal! More often than not, the dog sees the chew as a great snack, but also a toy to play with!

Through this interpretation, the dog can reduce stress and frustration levels and the four-legged friend will spend hours working on the bully stick as the dog will only be able to bite off small pieces are a time.

Bully Sticks for Dental Care

This chewing snack is very helpful to the dog with regards to teeth cleaning and dental care. 

Due to the bully sticks being hard and tough and it cleans the dog’s teeth and can remove tartar.

In addition, the gums are supplied with blood and the chewing movement strengthens the muscles of the jaw.

What you should pay Attention too when Buying Bully Sticks

Of course, first and foremost, you have to pay attention to quality of bully stick on offer. 

If the stick is thin and can bend easily, it always points to an inferior quality. A species-appropriate livestock is a prerequisite and the quality should always be considered. If the meat comes from organic farming, it is regarded as better quality as there are no added chemical additives.

You should also pay attention to the smell. If the smell is very pronounced, it may be that the bully sticks have become damp and therefore not suitable for the dog.

Recommended Quantity

With proper and adequate storage, you can buy bully sticks in bulk as they are durable. 

Larger quantities are a cheaper alternative and you save money on the additional shipping costs. 

When stored, they must be airtight, cool and in a dark place. The bully sticks must not get wet, therefore a bag with zip closure is ideal!

Considerations when Feeding

You should not give your dog more than 2-3 bull sticks a week, as they can contain up to 80% protein. 

As the dog will absorb a lot of protein from the snack, too much protein can lead to kidney damage in the dog. 

Of course, size and composition of the dog has to considered which is why it is important to understand the nutritional requirements of your four-legged friend.

Are Bully Sticks suitable for all Dogs?

Yes, this snack can be eaten by almost any dog size or breed!

The bully sticks are low in calories and are a healthy supplement to a dog’s diet. 

Bully sticks can be very beneficial for the animal as they contain almost no fat and are thus the optimal reward. 

Like every chew snack, the dog should be supervised when given a hard chew snack as pieces could be broken off causing injuries in the dog’s mouth. Also, in the worst case, if a piece gets stuck, it could cause the dog to choke and suffocate.

Unsuitable for Older Dogs

Bully sticks are less suitable for older dogs due to the hardness of the chew and the tendency of loose teeth in aging dogs. Therefore, a softer alternative is more suitable for “seniors”.

Feeding in the House

If you give your dog a bully stick, then it is best to position your four-legged friend on a washable floor (tiles or laminate) or outside. 

When the dog chews, dog saliva will inevitably come out of their mouth and drip onto the floor. If on a carpet, these stains are almost impossible to remove.

Bully Sticks Conclusion 

Bully sticks are good chewing fun for dogs of all sizes and breeds. 

The dog will be happy and very satisfied with the tasty snack and your four-legged friend will see it as a toy to play with. Bully sticks also provide numerous health and dental benefits too.


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