Brewer’s Yeast in Dog Food

To ensure that our four-legged friends enjoy the best of health, a natural and balanced diet is very important. It is not only humans that need vitamins and nutrients to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle, our dogs need them too! Good ingredients in a dogs feed are extremely important in order for the animal to stay fit and healthy, have a shiny coat and maintain a good level of defence. A proven tip in terms of dietary supplements for dogs is Brewer’s Yeast.

Brewer’s Yeast is highly recommended for dogs, especially when it comes to coat and skin problems. Also, the age and breed of the dog play no role as Brewer’s Yeast is suitable for all in the right dosage.

Ingredients of Brewer’s Yeast

Brewer’s yeast is a natural home remedy and therefore, unlike chemical dietary supplements, very healthy and wholesome. The ingredients contained inside are all important for a healthy skin and a radiant and healthy coat. Therefore, Brewer’s Yeast is especially recommended for dog owners whose pets suffer from skin diseases , rashes or itching.

Brewers Yeast for a Dog

Where does the Brewer’s Yeast come from? 

Brewer’s yeast is produced during the production of beer and is actually a waste product of the manufacturing process. In the process, the micro-organisms of the yeast multiply during the fermentation and the so-called beer sludge is produced. This beer sludge is extremely rich in various vitamins and contains minerals, trace elements, selenium, B-vitamin, amino acids and antioxidants. What Brewer’s Yeast does not contain is fat and cholesterol.

When is Brewer’s Yeast Administered?

Brewer’s Yeast is especially effective against all types of skin diseases and rashes. It also strengthens the dog’s immune system and protects the nervous system, muscles and organs. Brewer’s yeast can also have a healing effect on complaints in the gastrointestinal area and the liver or in diabetes and relieve the symptoms. All of these diseases and symptoms are very common in dogs, so it is very advisable for all dog owners to have Brewer’s Yeast stored ready for administration when required.

How is Brewer’s Yeast Administered?

When using Brewer’s Yeast you must pay close attention to the dosage. This varies in size and age of the dog and is specified by the manufacturer. The Brewer’s Yeast is then simply mixed into the dog feed. To ensure that you give your dog the right dosage, advice can be obtained from a vet.

Brewer’s Yeast is available in various forms including flakes, granules and tablets. Alternatively, there are types of dog feed that already contain Brewer’s Yeast. For example, Wolf of Wilderness. This saves time, but you should always make sure of the quality of the food.

The course of Brewer’s Yeast should last between 1-4 weeks. You will notice improvements to your dog’s health and their coat shines much more than before. After a course of treatment, a break can be taken first with the administration, if a deterioration is noticed, then you can use another course of treatment, with the exception of course, chronic diseases.

Dosage recommendation: 
Small dogs of 5-10 kg = 1 g / day
Medium sized dogs of 11-20 kg = 1.5 g / day
Large dogs of 21-40 kg = 2 g / day
Huge dogs from 41 kg = 3 g / day

Taste of Brewer’s Yeast

Brewer’s yeast has a very unique taste. Some dogs like the taste very much and will eat Brewer’s Yeast in the tablet form (which is easy to sneak into dog treats!). Other dogs do not like it so much and only eat it when it is added to their dog food. Most dogs are sceptical when they eat Brewer’s Yeast for the first time because it tastes slightly cheesy and spicy. It is important to try and test which form of administration is best for your four-legged friend.

Brewer's Yeast in Dog Food

Where can you buy Brewer’s Yeast for the Dog?

Brewer’s Yeast is available in supermarkets, pet shops and certain health food stores. Alternatively, you can buy the natural product via the Internet. There are a variety of different providers that include Brewer’s Yeast in the feed, which makes the administration process easier.

Risks and Side Effects of Brewer’s Yeast

Since brewer’s yeast is a natural product with no chemical additives, there are no known risks or side effects. However, in order to effectively use Brewer’s Yeast, attention must be paid to the quantity administered as only with the optimum mixing ratio can the best result be achieved. Of note, if your dog has a sensitive stomach, Brewer’s Yeast may lead to acute diarrhoea and flatulence. If you have any further questions regarding the risks and side effects of Brewer’s Yeast, you should consult a vet before using the product.

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