Best DIY Gifts For Dog Parents

I have to admit I love homemade gifts! Moreover, I love making them, giving them, and receiving them. There’s a process to finding the right gift for the right person. DIY gifts for dog parents or anyone for that matter, always says to me it’s a very thoughtful gift. Even more than that someone put extra effort into the gift. Their hands and love went into it and that makes it extra special!

As such, I look for ways to make great homemade gifts each year. These are some of the best DIY gifts for dog parents. I guarantee you’ll love making them, giving them, and your dog parents will certainly love receiving these dog gifts as well. 

*Updated: May 7, 2024

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Budget tip:

You may have a long list of people you’d like to give a gift to this year, yet you’re worried about your budget. When you have pet parents on your list, you can very easily and expensively make a gift that will be well received. Plus, many of these DIY projects and gift ideas I’m sharing take no skills and very little time. That’s a huge holiday budget winner! Not to mention it is a major stress-reducer during a high-stress time of the year.

1. Paw paste

Not only do my hands get dry in winter, but so do dogs’ paws. This paste also helps repeal snow and winter weather. 

I have given this paw paste from the American Kennel Club to my dog-lover community in different decorated containers. It’s always a big hit! I also make sure to keep one on hand for my dog, Henry to help keep his paws healthy. 

2. Pumpkin cookies

Who doesn’t love getting homemade treats, even for their pup? These dog cookies from All Recipes are pumpkin and peanut butter and are sure to have all the dogs on your list begging for more. Remember to use dog-friendly peanut butter (without xylitol or chocolate). I also love presenting these dog treats in a great cookie jar or tin with a ribbon. Don’t forget to make an extra batch for your furry friend. 

pumpkin and peanut dog treats for yummy DIY gifts for dog parents

Do you know that simple homemade dog treats can cut your expenses? It’s true and in this article, I walk you through how it saves you money.

3. No-sew dog bed

I’ll confess that I’m not a great seamstress. So, when I find an awesome dog gift, like this dog bed from Proud Dog Mom that requires no sewing, I’m all in for it! I would recommend using a memory form cushion or a very fluffy pillow for the stuffing. 

happy dog rests in no-sew dog bed is that was received as a DIY gifts for dog parents

Want a gift with a dog charitable twist? In this article, I list some great ones that will surprise you. I know I was surprised!

4. No-sew dog sweater 

Yes, again a no-sew dog project! This one by Vicky Bermudez takes just a few minutes and will keep the doggies on your list warm. You can customize it depending on the sweater you select to use. If you don’t have a sweater you want to upcycle to a dog sweater, simply check out your local thrift store. They are certain to have a variety of sweaters available. Plus, the proceeds generally go to help a great organization like an animal shelter, women’s shelter, or meals-on-wheels.

5. Snuffle ball 

This is another quick and easy no-sew dog gift that will surprise not only the dog but the dog parent. It’s a snuffle ball DIY toy. Moreover, it’s actually easy to make as is perfectly demonstrated by The Pet Parenting Reset. Remember snuffle balls are great for a dog’s mental stimulation. Pick out fun fabric that reflects your dog recipient’s personality (or upcycle a sweatshirt or two). Also, don’t forget that snuffle balls are wonderful for seniors and blind dogs. Check out Layla, who’s a senior blind dog enjoying her snuffle ball.

As Layla’s mom did, you can place dog food or dog treats in the snuffle ball dog toy, which is where the mental stimulation part comes into play.

Want more mental stimulation for your dog? These mealtime activities I outline in this article will keep your dog engaged.

6. No-sew tug-of-war toy

This is another fun and easy dog toy that can be customized with fun colors. The braiding process can be confusing, but this video by Montego Pet Nutrition does a great job demonstrating it. 

7. Dog bandana 

Who hasn’t seen a cute dog with an adorable bandana bouncing around at the dog park? Learn how to make one from Dalmatian DIY. You don’t even need to know how to sew. Plus, you can personalize it for nearly any dog depending on the fabric you select. 

cute dog bandana for a DIY gifts for dog parents

8. Dog collar (requires sewing)

I know I have a couple of collars for Henry. I suspect most dog parents have multiple dog collars for their pups. This homemade dog collar by The Pointy Snoot is adorable and will certainly bring a smile to your dog parents. This one does require some sewing though. Keep in mind with a dog collar you want it to be very sturdy. However, if you have a few basic sewing skills, you can easily make this dog collar in no time. 

beautiful dog collar is demonstrated for a DIY gifts for dog parents

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9. Dog leash 

I think I have at least four leashes for Henry. Although, I imagine that’s fairly typical as well. This DIY dyed leash by Curly is adorable! It’s easy to make and can certainly be personalized with the colors you select. You can’t go wrong with it! 

easy dyed dog leashes are displayed for DIY gifts for dog parents

Want great date ideas you can do with your dog? In this article, I have 25 budget-friendly ideas everyone will love.

10. Leash holder

This DIY dog leash holder by A Crafty Mix will take a few more skills with a drill and saw, but the end result is truly a keeper! You could even add the dog’s name to the plaque to personalize it even further. Or if you can find a silhouette of the dog breed recipient to use instead of the one provided you can make it very personalized. Honestly, who wouldn’t love receiving this one?

cute dog leash holder is shown for s DIY gifts for dog parents

BONUS: Dog parent hand scrub

I just have to through this gift idea onto the list for dog lovers. Heck, it’s a perfect gift for any person. I’ve given a hand scrub to many of my dog parents over the years. This is my favorite recipe. I’ve even been asked for refills, which I take as a sign of a great gift! 

Treat yourself when you put together a large batch and keep a jar! I have one by my kitchen sink.

Sugar hand scrub


  • ½ cup of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 10-15 drops of essential oil (optional)


  • mix all ingredients thoroughly
  • place in a pretty jar (small Mason jars work nicely)
  • scoop a small tablespoon or so on palms and massage for 1-2 minutes
  • rinse with warm water
  • repeat 2-3 times/week.

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Summary of Best DIY Gifts For Dog Parents

Don’t you just love DIY gifts? I certainly do! You just can’t go wrong with them, especially when you find the right homemade gift for the right dog parent. It’s a fun activity. Honestly, it doesn’t take much time, your budget thanks you, and your dog parents love the gifts. What could be better?

a cute puppy waits to see DIY gifts for dog parents

Do you like making DIY gifts for dog parents? What homemade gifts have you received that you absolutely loved? 


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