Best 12 Alternatives to Invisible Dog Fences

Are there alternatives to invisible dog fences? More importantly, why would you want an alternative to invisible fencing? I know for me, I live on two unfenced acres. Yet, I don’t use a hidden fence system for my dog, Henry. The reason is that the costs are just too high for him. Yes, an invisible fence can be dangerous for your furry friend and you. The good news is that there are alternatives. So, today let’s dig in and discover great alternatives to invisible dog fences that are safe and affordable. 

A weiner dog runs in her yard which is secured with an alternative to invisible dog fences.
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Budget tip:

Trying to fence a large area or contain your dog to a certain coverage area can be pricey. But choosing the wrong containment system for your dog can be devastating – both for your dog and you. Thus, selecting a way to keep your dog safe in your yard, without causing pain or health issues with an electric dog fence, is priceless. While I use a vibrating collar, there are other affordable options such as DIY fencing, training, and even temporary fencing. In short, selecting the right containment unit that is safe for your dog is a huge WIN-WIN for your dog and your pocketbook!

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What is an invisible dog fence anyhow?

There are two basic types of invisible fencing. One is a wired pet fence and the other is a wireless fence. Nonetheless, both of these types are electric fences. Moreover, they both work the same. Your dog wears a collar and when he gets within a certain distance, he’s shocked. This is a negative training to tell your dog if he goes close to the boundary you’ve set, he’ll feel pain in the form of a shock at the neck.

Simply put the goal of this type of fence is to keep your dog safely in your yard without investing in a physical fence. Therefore, an invisible electric fence is much cheaper than a physical or visible fence. Yet, there are other costs with this type of electronic dog fence.

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What are the drawbacks and hidden costs of invisible dog fences?

There are a few hidden costs of an invisible fence you’ll want to consider, especially when compared with a traditional fence or even an alternative fence. These aspects include:

1. Predators can enter your yard easily

This means that a predator such as a coyote, bear, or bobcat can easily cross into your yard and harm your dog. Yet, your dog won’t be able to escape further than the fence line.

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2. Shocking your dog

An invisible fence, as mentioned above, also includes a shock collar. It’s been proven that shock collars cause more damage than good for dogs. In fact, these collars can not only cause physical pain and health issues, including seizures, heart distress, and respiratory issues, but also result in shorter lifespans. Additionally, a shock collar can make your dog aggressive. Basically, being shocked is bad for your dog. 

3. Dog won’t cross the fencing line to return home 

You may be thinking that there’s no reason for your dog to cross the fence line. After all, you want to keep your dog in your yard. However, think of a predator chasing your dog or even a loud noise such as fireworks scaring your dog. While your dog may withstand the pain of being shocked and cross the line to escape your yard, there’s a very low probability that your dog will endure the shocking pain and cross back to go home. The end result is a lost pet.

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What are affordable alternatives to invisible dog fences?

I realize that a wooden fence or any kind of physical fence may be pricey, especially if you have a large yard. However, the negative aspects of an invisible fence, mean it’s not a viable option. Thus, here are the best alternatives to invisible fencing:

1. Dog run 

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that the dog run area is secured and completely enclosed so that no predators can get to your dog. For instance, where I live there are coyotes and mountain lions that can jump 6’ fences. Plus, for small dogs, like Henry, there are HUGE barn owls, eagles, and hawks. All of these can enter a dog run from jumping or entering from the top. Thus, your dog run needs to be completely enclosed, including a roof. 

However, you will still not want to leave your dog unsupervised for any amount of time in a dog run. Safety comes with not only securing the dog run but also supervising. Even security cameras on your dog run can help. 

This is a great affordable dog run with a cover.

2. Temporary fencing

You may be surprised to learn that you can install temporary fencing, even in a small section to make your yard secure. Of course, the type of temporary fencing you select will depend on your location and your dog’s needs. Some temporary fencing ideas:

3. Dog playpen 

This is great because not only is it affordable it can also be considered a portable dog fence, especially for a small dog.

This is a great dog playpen and you can configure it as you like. Plus, you can even purchase a cover for this playpen here to keep your pup more secure.

4. Outdoor kennels

These can be very affordable compared to a traditional fence. Yet they will keep your dog safe and often are considered a portable fence. Thus, you can take it with you if you should move.

This is a nice large outdoor kennel with a cover. And it’s definitely cheaper than building an entire fence.

5. DIY dog fence

This can be surprisingly easy. Moreover, a DIY dog fence can be much safer than electronic fences. Want to learn how to build your own affordable physical pet fence? Check out this great tutorial by Officially Fran. 

6. Rent a yard

Surprisingly you can actually rent a safe traditional fence rather affordably. This is great if you will only be at one location for a short period of time.

7. Trolley line

Of course, like with all these alternative invisible fence options, you’ll want to watch your dog. In other words, never leave your dog unattended with any fence option. 

However, if you’d like to make your own DIY trolley line, then this tutorial by the Fresno Humane Society is great! It includes videos and written instructions.

8. Friend’s yard

Dog friends are great and dog playmates are even better. So, you can ask to have a playdate with one of your dog friends who has a safe and secure yard.

9. Dog walker

If you want your dog to get more exercise and you don’t have the time, then a dog walker can be a safe option. 

Want to learn how to find a great dog walker? This article includes everything you need to know. 

10. Doggie daycare

Henry absolutely LOVES doggie daycare! He plays, socializes, and comes home completely exhausted for a very affordable price. It’s a super option!

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11. Boundary training

Simple dog training and learning about boundaries can be very effective. I did this with Henry. To learn more boundary training check out this article. 

Also, if you want to learn how to teach your dog basic obedience training on your schedule and for here, then you’ll LOVE this article. 

12. Vibrate collar

I actually use a vibrating collar with Henry on my property. It works well for keeping him safe without hurting him. However, I’m always right beside him. Basically, I use his vibrate collar if he gets the notion to chase a bunny across the street or onto a neighbor’s property.

Here’s a great vibrate collar very similar to the one I’ve used with Henry for years.

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Henry is secure on his property with a vibrate collar alternative to invisible dog fences

What about a Halo GPS fencing system?

The Halo GPS fencing system is rated to be safe without shocking your dog. In fact, instead of shocking this fencing system with the halo collar will nudge your dog. The Halo system is a series of escalating warnings when your dog approaches the boundary line starting with a whistle, then a vibrate, and finally a pulse. 

Moreover, the pulse is said to be equivalent to a tap on the shoulder. 

However, the problem with a Halo GPS fencing system is that it won’t keep predators out of your yard or encourage your dog to enter back into your yard if chased outside the boundaries.

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What about SpotOn GPS fencing system?

This type of fencing system uses a shock collar. Thus, I would highly recommend avoiding it for all the reasons described above under “What are the drawbacks and hidden costs of an invisible dog fence? – Shocking your dog”.

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What are the cost benefits of using alternatives to invisible dog fences?

The benefits include not hurting or instilling fear in your dog. Additionally, you won’t have a missing dog, if your pup is chased from your yard. However, for a better idea of the cost savings of using an alternative to invisible fencing, consider the following for a moment:

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Summary of best safe alternatives to invisible dog fences

I know when I first adopted Henry, I was worried about how to keep him safe and contained on my property. While we were doing boundary training, I needed to make sure he was always safe. Sure I never let him outside without being right with him. Yet, I was still worried. That’s when I discovered a vibrating collar. Of course, I checked it on me before letting him wear it. Honestly, it didn’t hurt. It was equivalent to your phone being in your pocket on vibrate. 

Personally, the negatives of invisible dog fences are simply too high for me. I won’t shock Henry. Nor do I want a predator possibly chasing him off the property. Or Henry being too scared to try to cross the property line to escape or come back home. Although I never leave him unattended, something could happen while we are outside like I fall or get distracted. Things can happen in a blink of an eye leaving only heartache and regret. Thus, using alternatives to invisible dog fences is the best option for Henry and me. 

Thankfully, a vibrating collar works well for Henry. However, you may need another option such as a temporary fence, an enclosed dog run, or even a secure playpen. Basically, whatever containment system you choose, it just needs to be safe and keep your dog within your yard. 

A beautiful husky plays in her yard that is secured by an option to invisible dog fences

Did you know about the alternatives to invisible dog fences or the importance of them? Would you use one of these alternative now for your furry friends?


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