Basic Dog Training Reduces Expenses: Easy!

Do you know that basic dog training reduces expenses? I know I can hear you say it sounds like a sales pitch. Nope. There’s no sales pitch. But it does work. I know with my dog, Henry I’ve seen the benefits. It’s actually very simple. So, today, let’s dig in and learn the secrets of how basic dog training reduces expenses. 

a cute dog practices basic commands as his dog mom learned that dog training reduces expenses
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Budget tip:

Dog training may seem like something you do to just have a well-behaved dog. But actually, basic dog training can save your dog’s life, set critical boundaries, and let your dog help him/herself. That’s huge! While it doesn’t take long to train your dog (and you can even do it for free), the returns are almost beyond words. It’s a no-brainer! Basic dog training is definitely a WINNER!

What exactly is basic dog training?

There are different types of dog training. I always encourage positive reinforcement dog training. It’s kind of like the difference between being encouraged to do the right behavior and being punished for doing the wrong behavior. Personally, I like approaching everything from a positive perspective. In my mind, it’s a kinder way to learn. 

To learn more about positive reinforcement dog training and how to find a dog trainer, check out this article.

As far as the commands you can learn in basic dog training they will include, but aren’t necessarily limited to:

  • Sit
  • Come
  • Stay
  • Wait
  • Down
  • Heel
  • Let it go

Dog training is too expensive. What can I do?

Yes, some dog trainers can be expensive. However, many professional dog trainers are very reasonably priced. In fact, dog training costs may surprise you. Of course, generally speaking, private lessons will be more expensive. Although, there is a dog trainer for everyone and their budget.

Even if you don’t have time, you can take obedience training classes on your time. And if you don’t have any money to spend on training costs, don’t worry. You train your dog for free. There are a ton of great resources. In this article, I go into how to find the right professional dog trainer for you. Plus, how to do obedience training on your schedule and for free. 

What are the benefits of basic dog obedience training?

When you teach your dog the skills of basic training you can expect the following benefits:

1. Confidence. Your dog’s confidence level and overall mental health will increase

This is especially great for dogs that are shy or dealing with trauma from being rescued. When I adopted Henry, I started dog training classes within weeks. This really helped him assimilate into his new home as his confidence level increased. 

2. Social skills. Your dog’s social skills will also increase

Most dog owners will say they want their new dog to be well-socialized. Obedience school will help with this goal. For example, if you are taking an in-person dog training class you will definitely notice this benefit. Your dog will need to meet each dog yet, they won’t be able to play during class.

However, you can rest assured that each dog is fully vaccinated. All professional trainers require proof of basic vaccinations before attending training sessions. For Henry, seeing all the cute puppies and other dogs and having to contain his energy was a great challenge. He did it very successfully. 

Worried about the cost of dog vaccines? In this article, I walk you through how to find low-cost vet-approved vaccines. It’s a must-read!

3. Bonding. Your bond with your dog gets much stronger

When dog owners take dog training classes, there must be communication with your dog and a level of trust. For Henry and me that meant that we immediately got more comfortable with each other. This was great for us and advanced our bonding tremendously. Plus, Henry truly thrives on learning and training. Something I learned about him in his first class. 

Do you want more ways to bond with your dog? In this article, I give you lots of great ways to bond with your dog and all are free. 

4. Bad behaviors. Your dog’s bad behaviors will decrease. 

I know you’re reading this one again. It’s true. Simple basic obedience dog training will dramatically reduce and in a lot of cases eliminate bad behaviors. So, what kind of bad behavior can be remedied with basic training classes? Some behaviors you can expect to be addressed include:


This is extremely important if you have young children or older folks visiting you. Or if you are around anyone with a disability. Heck, even a small dog jumping when you aren’t completely balanced can end in disaster. While Henry doesn’t jump on people, he will jump in the air with excitement. I’ve decided this is a good compromise. After all, I don’t want to train his cute personality completely out of him. 

Is your dog always trying to jump out of your fence? In this article, I give you easy, budget-friendly, and effective ways to solve your jumping fence issue. 


If you have a puppy or a dog that likes to chew, then you will definitely want to address this behavior. It’s not fun to find a pillow, shoe, or TV remote chewed. Besides some things that are chewed can be toxic and become a choking hazard. Or they even get stuck in the digestive tract, which can be super scary and lead to an emergency vet visit.

Do you know how to prepare for an emergency vet visit? When done properly you may even be able to save some money. In this article, I tell you everything you need to know.  

Resource guarding

I admit, I was a bit surprised to have this one included in Henry’s first class. But it’s actually a very good behavior to address. So are you asking what resource guarding is exactly? Actually, it can cover many items. Basically, it’s a dog who fiercely guards his/her food, toys, bed, treats, person, or anything for that matter. Why is this a bad thing? Well, if you have a child or another pet and it accidentally picks up a toy, it could end in a biting incident. That’s not good behavior. It’s definitely a behavior that needs to be corrected. 

For Henry’s resource testing, I was a bit shocked at how well he did. Specifically, I placed a treat in front of him, told him to wait, and then took it away, I felt horrible. Those eyes of  “What did I do” nearly pierced my heart. But Henry didn’t budge an inch. He just gave me a very sad look. In fact, he still is great with not resource guarding. Although, he does shadow me at times. But only to make sure I’m not doing something fun without him. I don’t think that’s a true guard dog. I guess that’s his version of being a guard dog.

Counter surfing

If you’ve got a dog that will do anything to get on the counter where all the great “smells” are, then it could be a major issue. What if you had coffee, onions, or chocolate on the counter to name a few? All of those are very toxic to dogs. Or what if your dog stepped on a knife? Both of these scenarios could end in disaster. 

Additionally, think about garbage surfing. It’s the same sort of thing but with the garbage. The outcome could be just as dangerous. I know I put my coffee grounds in the garbage along with spicy things that could smell good. However, they are all very toxic to dogs.

Basic dog training will stop all these bad behaviors. Henry will look at the counter or garbage but never go any further. I can even leave him alone in the kitchen without issue. And I have a camera, so I can check on him. It’s pretty amazing!

Mouthy dogs

When I first heard the term “mouthy dog” I thought, “That’s weird, why is a dog talking back?” I learned that “mouthy” is actually a dog that tends to want to nip when taking a treat, giving a kiss, or inspecting anything with their mouth. They are “mouthy”.  The problem with mouthy dogs is that a nip can easily turn into a bite. Basic dog training gives dogs the boundaries they need to know that this behavior is not acceptable. 

Growling and nipping

Sometimes dogs will just growl and nip as a kind of their personality. You may see it in their play or some other interaction. The problem with this behavior is that growling and nipping can turn to biting and fighting quickly. Again, basic dog training teaches dogs boundaries and lets them know that growling and nipping is not acceptable behavior. 


Often a dog will bark just to bark or because they don’t know any other way to express themselves. Dog training can often resolve these issues. 

Is your neighbor’s dog barking and driving you nuts? In this article, I give you a step-by-step guide to solve the noisy next door dog issue.

Reactivity dogs

This means a dog that barks or reacts out of fear, anxiety, or other emotion. They might react to the doorbell, a stranger, wind, a butterfly, or even their own shadow. While it can be cute at times, if it is a continuous behavior it can be mind-numbing. Dog training tends to give these dogs confidence and greatly reduces their reactivity issues. 

Leash pulling

With basic dog training, you learn how to heel your dog on a loose leash. Thus, your dog learns how to not pull and walk at ease with you. Plus, you’ll learn that a non-pulling harness can be a great help as well.

In this article, I go into detail about how a dog harness can actually save you money.

Are you uneasy at your dog park? In this article, I share the top signs you need to know when it’s time to find a new dog park. 

5. Safety. Your dog’s safety and those around your dog dramatically increase.

Does this seem like a reach? Not at all. Here are a few examples:

Come. Think if your dog slips out of your yard and starts to head for the street. You call for him to “come”. Disaster averted! 

Sit. You have elderly family members visiting and your dog rushes the door to greet them. You say “sit” and thankfully it’s a happy outcome. 

Let it go.  You’re on a walk with your dog and suddenly your dog starts for something on the ground. But you’re not sure what it is so, you say “Let it go” your dog stops and drops his/her attention with that “thing”. Then you see it’s actually a green substance resembling anti-freeze. Major disaster side-stepped! 

6. Lets your dog be helped. Your dog’s ability to be helped by a vet, groomer, dog walker, pet sitter, or other dog vendor is much easier. 

Does this seem confusing? Actually, it simply means that when your dog goes to the vet (or other dog vendors), you can use basic commands to help the staff. For example, when Henry goes to the vet, I put him on the exam table and give him specific tasks. Such as I will tell him to sit and stay. He may give me a look like “Why am I here”, but he completes the commands perfectly. It makes the examination easier.

Occasionally the vet will want Henry to lie down and ask him to “down” which he does perfectly as well. Honestly, I think giving Henry commands at the vet’s office actually helps him as much as the vet. It gives his mind something else to think about besides “I don’t want to be here”. As such, he tends to be much calmer. 

Do you know the signs that tell you it’s time for a new vet? In this article, I share the top 15 signs you need to know when you need a new vet. 

Henry has learned all his basic dog command, which I know dog training reduces expenses
Henry waits on command (and maybe naps) while I check the mail.

How does basic dog training reduce expenses?

Of course, I’m a big fan of dog training. Henry really enjoys it as well. But for encouragement, the money part is undeniably important. So, as a dog owner let’s consider the following potential vet bills and other bills for a moment:

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Summary of basic dog training reduces expenses

Basic dog training means your dog has boundaries. Additionally, you have a stronger bond with your dog by completing a training session. But even more importantly, you improve your safety measures with your dog. I know with Henry, we bonded greatly with our first class and each subsequent class. I’ve always been amazed at how well he will adhere to all he’s learned. Even when a situation is stressful like the vet’s office Henry still performs his commands perfectly. But the bonus of cost savings with dog training is the doggie treat on top.

a husky practices commands as his dog parents learn dog training reduces expenses

Have you done basic obedience dog training with your pup? Did you know you were saving on your expenses? 


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