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Are you worried about your dog’s physical well-being? I know it can be worrisome to take your dog to the vet not knowing what is wrong with your furry friend. Then it can be even worse when you hear something that there’s not a super good solution for such symptoms as arthritis or digestion issues. My dog, Henry has digestion issues. However, sometimes when traditional vet care can’t help you turn to alternative care. That can include holistic dog treatments. But what really is holistic dog care, can it help, and is it affordable? Today, let’s dig in and learn about affordable holistic dog care treatments.

a border collie mix enjoys holistic dog care treatments
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Budget tip:

Amazingly the cost of holistic care for your dog can be affordable. Some practitioners’ sessions are equal to or less than a regular vet visit. Moreover, pet insurance often covers these vet medical care treatments. Additionally, other holistic care that can be done at home can be very affordable. For instance, I give my dog, Henry a massage every day and that’s free! It seems to help his mobility and digestion. That’s a great win-win for your dog and your budget!

What is holistic care for dogs anyhow? 

You may see a vet advertised as offering holistic care or simply as a holistic veterinarian. Or you may see a product labeled as holistic or natural.

So, what does holistic care really mean? Simply put holistic is supposed to treat the whole body and mind. Thus, it doesn’t just treat the symptoms.

Therefore, the idea is to get the body and mind in harmony and everything should function optimally. As such, the term “holistic” is used to treat the whole patient. This may include various therapies.

However, the bottom line is a whole or rather holistic approach to treating a dog or pet. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Or at least it does to me. 

What does holistic medicine for dogs cover? 

A holistic approach for dogs is an ever-evolving field, but it currently includes therapies such as:

  • Pet chiropractor
  • Animal acupuncture
  • Homeopathic therapy
  • Animal aromatherapy
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Pet mega-dose nutrient therapy
  • Animal rehabilitation and sports medicine therapy 
  • Pet low-level laser therapy
  • Herbal remedies and treatments
  • Animal stem cell therapy
  • Massage therapy for animals

Note: I used a pet chiropractor, acupuncturist, and massage therapist for my horse, Macho. They were each very good and helped Macho’s arthritis tremendously. Additionally, the massage therapist taught me how to massage Macho daily, which helped dramatically. I’ve transferred those lessons to Henry and now massage him daily. He loves it!

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How can holistic medicine help my dog?

There is some proof that different types of holistic treatments can work for ailments such as: 

  • Arthritis for both older dogs and younger ones as well
  • Lameness
  • Mobility issues
  • Digestion
  • Food allergy assistance
  • Tumors 
  • Heart disease and related issues
  • Cancer
  • And more

However, I’d always suggest talking with your regular vet before diving into anything off the main course. Your vet will be most updated on research and anecdotal studies.

Additionally, your vet will be able to offer you the pros and cons of any alternative therapy. 

Moreover, often you will need a referral from your regular vet to see a holistic vet. Thus, it’s a good idea to discuss the possibility of an alternative medicine to help your pup with your vet.

Furthermore, your vet will know which holistic vet is the best for your dog’s condition in your area.

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Henry dance by Terri R

Henry moves great with a daily massage. Also, his digestion is better.

Are there any negatives to holistic vet care?

There are a few objections to holistic vet care.

1. No significant studies

Specifically, the main complaint is that there are no significant studies to prove its validity.

2. Holistic vets aren’t published

Moreover, some complain that holistic vets aren’t generally published in mainstream vet journals. Thus, it lacks validations, or that’s the argument.

Although, many of their articles are simply rejected for various (not credible, think technical) reasons. Therefore it’s a bogus complaint. 

3. It’s a placebo effect

Finally, critics often will brush off any improvements seen in anecdotal studies as a placebo effect. Honestly, to me, this seems just nonsensical! Especially, coming from my biology background. How does a dog or animal animal exhibit a placebo effect? That assumes they know that whatever they are receiving is supposed to make them feel better. That’s not how animals function. However, humans often do function in this manner. 

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How do I find a holistic veterinary clinic near me?

As I mentioned, your regular vet should be able to refer you to the proper holistic vet for your dog’s ailments. However, you can also do your own research. For example, I always like to know as much as possible before going to the vet.

Personally, I think Henry’s vet loves the challenging questions. He always asks if I have any more questions as I look at my cheat sheet. 

Thus, you can find a licensed veterinarian focused on a holistic approach in your area by going to the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association directory here.

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When should my dog visit a holistic vet?

Honestly, this will be a personal call. Additionally, it generally will be one you make with your regular vet. However, if you don’t feel like your dog is improving with current or traditional treatment, then discuss seeing a holistic vet. 

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Does pet insurance cover the expense of holistic vet care or natural dog treatments?

Often holistic vet care is covered by pet insurance. However, always check your dog’s insurance policy to make sure they provide financial assistance with holistic care.

Additionally, you could use your pet savings account or emergency fund to pay for your dog’s appointments and treatments. 

Do you have a pet savings account? You can use it to pay for holistic medicine for your dog. In this article, I share how to set one up. 

Is holistic dog care really affordable? 

Naturally, the cost of holistic vet care will vary from location to location. However, in my area, the cost of acupuncture, chiropractor, and massage is equal to or less than a regular or traditional vet visit. Additionally, if you’re like me and get an animal massage therapist who shows you how to help your pet, then one session might be enough.

How much can I save on my dog care with holistic medicine? 

Of course, this again will vary by location and your dog’s ailment. However, this is the fun part. I always think this brings everything together. Consider the following possible expenses for a moment:

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Summary of Affordable Holistic Dog Care Treatments: Complete Guide

Affordable holistic medicine for dogs and pets may not be something you think of immediately, but it could be a big help for your dog. Generally, it’s not invasive, yet, it can be very effective.

While some believe any positives seen in animals from holistic medicine are due to a placebo effect, personally, I think that’s a silly criticism. After all a dog or animal doesn’t know homeopathic medicine, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, or a massage may help them. 

However, if you notice they aren’t limping or their digestion is improved after a holistic session when all other things are the same, then it must be the holistic medicine.

Consequently, I know holistic vet care certainly helped my horse, Macho. Additionally, I see improvements daily with Henry after his massage. Plus, he loves being massaged! 

a husky dog responds to holistic dog care treatments

Have you ever tried holistic medicine for your dog? Did you think it was effective? 


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