6 Great Veterinarian Budget Benefits

I know you’re thinking how on earth does a veterinarian help my budget, right? Well, when you have a great vet and medical team for your dog, it can make all the difference. I know you’re doubting me. After all, veterinary medicine expense is generally the biggest chunk of your dog’s budget. But it’s true! Today, let’s dig in and discover the 6 great veterinarian budget benefits.

a dog mom is thrilled to learn about veterinarian budget benefits and how it can reduce her dog expenses

Budget tip:

Yes, a great veterinarian team can keep your budget in check with consultations, feedback, preventative, not overspending on unnecessary items, and even health alerts. It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child. I’d said it takes a great veterinarian team to raise a healthy dog and keep your budget in check whenever possible. When you find a great vet who hits all the points you need, then you definitely have a major WIN-WIN for you and your dog.

Why does a great vet really matter?

Of course, you want your dog to have the best veterinary care possible. I always look for amazing bedside manners from any veterinary practice. In other words, I want the vet, veterinary technician, assistants, and the entire staff to treat my dog, Henry, as if he’s their own. I don’t want him to be viewed as a number, statistic, or dollar sign. He’s my furry friend and deserves as much respect and care as any other being. Once, you find that then you’ve conquered half the battle. 

But you also want a vet that will partner with you in your dog’s care. What do I mean? Would you want a vet that rushes to extreme measures, just because it’s an option? Or would you prefer a vet that will communicate and explain options and then tell you truthfully the pros and cons of each? Personally, I opt for the latter every time. Going even deeper here are 6 reasons why you and your dog need a great veterinary team. 

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1. Trusted consultations

Here’s an example to illustrate this one more clearly. A few years ago, Henry was attacked by a couple of dogs. He nearly lost his left eye and life in the incident. As a result, he saw a dog ophthalmologist for a consultation after his initial surgery. Then we went back to his general vet to review the options for his care going forward.

As his vet explained it, Henry could undergo surgery, with no guarantees, and then most likely have to undergo the same surgery again in a few years to maintain the eye progress. Or I could continue to put compresses on his eye several times a day and monitor the eye to ensure it doesn’t decline any further. However, he would probably see better and he wouldn’t have so much discharge with surgery.

With that information, I mulled it over and then turned to the vet and asked, “If Henry was yours what would you do?” 

The vet looked at me, then gently petted Henry and said, “Henry’s a great dog! If he were mine, I wouldn’t subject him to any more surgery. We can closely monitor his eye.” 

As a result, Henry hasn’t had any more surgery, and hopefully won’t need it. He still has eye discharge daily. But I clean his eye and put a compress on it multiple times a day. 

Not only did his vet save Henry from the risk of surgery, but it saved thousands of dollars. 

Savings: $$$$$

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I discovered with Henry that veterinarian budget benefits can keep his expenses in check
Henry’s eye looks clear and I’m certain he’s as happy as I am that he can skip eye surgery.

2. Evaluation feedback

As an example of this benefit, when I take Henry to his general vet, he always asks about his eating behavior. More specifically if he’s still on the same food, and then evaluates his weight and overall body. Basically a normal dog physical exam. However, every time I ask about feeding Henry more expensive food or treats because I will have read some kind of research about it. But the vet each time says, “There’s no need. I don’t do that with my dogs. Henry’s in great shape. Stay the course.”

Now a different veterinary service could try to sell me a more expensive diet, and I would do it simply because it is Henry. I’d do anything for him. But that’s why you need a great vet. They keep you grounded and your pocketbook in check. 

Savings: $$$

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3. Preventative medicine care

For instance, here’s the importance of this benefit. Henry’s a rescue dog. As a result, we don’t know his exact age. So, a few years ago, his general vet suggested a baseline for a senior dog. Honestly, I was a bit crushed to hear “senior dog”. But once I got past that, I asked what was involved in the process. The vet explained that it included blood tests and X-rays. Basically, the idea is to keep a closer eye on his body and organs as the years pass so we can address things quickly if needed.

During this process, it was discovered that Henry’s lungs are in great shape. We were a bit concerned about his lungs as his rescue told me he came from a smoking home. They might not have gotten the information correct since they said he wasn’t chipped, but he was chipped. In fact, his vet found it on his first visit. But this senior test discovered Henry has a heart murmur. Surprisingly, since this baseline his murmur has improved drastically and the vet can’t even detect it at his senior pet annual wellness checkups. This has been great care for Henry.

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Savings: $$$$$

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4. Stay the course

Here’s a great example of this great vet benefit. About a year ago I went in with Henry to one of with scheduled biannual vet visits. I was so pleased with myself because I’d done an in-home mail allergy test for Henry. Of course, I was certain the vet would be astonished at my initiative and think we should change Henry’s food accordingly. Not! Although, I have to say the vet was very kind. He looked at the results then took off his glasses and began to explain why the test was bogus. The vet said they used mail-in animal allergy tests as an experiment in vet school.

Shockingly they got the same results from live animal fur as from a kid’s synthetic stuffed animal. He asked how much I’d paid for the test, which was fairly minimal as it was a sale price (maybe $15). But it saved me more costs because I didn’t need to adjust Henry’s diet. While my ego bubble burst, my budget was saved. I also learned that the best way to determine allergies in pets is through an elimination process. Lesson learned and budget saved. 

Savings: $$$

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5. Budget options

Here’s something many don’t know but often a great veterinarian team will provide options to help reduce your dog’s expenses. For example, you might get a multiple-pet discount if you take all your pets in on the same day for their checkups. The vet clinic could also provide financing options. Or they might provide other local options you might not even know about unless you ask.

All you really need to say is that your budget is tight and the doors may open. I overheard an employee at Henry’s vet office one day tell a lady the vet is the vet for the homeless in town. So, if anyone in the area is really down on their luck, he offers free services. It’s truly amazing what you can learn when you ask a question or two. 

Savings: $$$$$

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6. Important alerts 

Additionally, great veterinary professionals will keep you informed about dog health issues in the area. For example, if there’s an outbreak of kennel cough you don’t want to be taking your dog out to the park or local Home Depot. Also, veterinary practice will alert you when your dog’s vaccines and other preventative care appointments are due. However, you may select to get them at a low-cost vaccine clinic. If you do simply take the paperwork to your vet so that your dog’s records are kept updated. 

Savings: $$$

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I simply dread going to the vet clinic. How can I great veterinarian team?

There are ways you can get around going to the vet clinic and still get the benefits of a great vet. I know you’re re-reading that sentence, aren’t you? It’s true. Sometimes a brick-and-mortar vet will make house calls, and it can be well worth it if your dog gets overly stressed at the vet’s office. I didn’t know until a few years ago, but Henry’s vet will even make house calls in extreme cases. 

Although, you may simply want a full-time mobile vet. I’ve had a couple of mobile vets who were worth their weight in gold. You could be surprised at how affordable a mobile is in your area. I know I’ve always been shocked that the cost wasn’t more. 

Additionally, the price of a mobile vet may be covered by pet insurance. Although, you’ll have to check your pet insurance policy to make sure a home visit is covered. However, you could also use a pet savings account to help pay for the home appointment. 

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My dog has special issues. How can a specialty vet help my budget?

You will often need a referral from your general vet to see a special interest veterinarian, as I did for Henry’s dog ophthalmologist. However, when you get your referral, talk with your vet about the other vet’s payment policies. You can probably do this with a front-staff employee. Surprisingly, they will often know this information. If not, then you can call and ask. Also, think ahead and check with your pet insurance. You may want to pull from your pet savings account or use CareCredit. 

But keep in mind that a specialty vet is often to keep or get your pet healthy, which can be invaluable. Moreover, a specialty vet can also simply be for a consult, like with the dog ophthalmologist for Henry’s eye. While the appointment was a bit pricey, it wasn’t nearly as costly as surgery. Plus, it allowed his general vet to know exactly what condition his eye was in and what to look for going forward. This was all priceless information!

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I think I may need a new vet. How do I know for sure?

It can be difficult to know when to cut ties with a vet. Especially if you’ve been seeing him/her for decades with multiple pets. But there can come a time when you get a nagging feeling or you see something that just doesn’t sit right with you. Those are signs to look for a new vet. You always want to start the process of looking before you’re pushed to the wall and something horrible happens. 

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Summary of great veterinarian budget benefits

While it may be a bit odd to think that just by having a great vet you can save money, but it’s true. When you have a partner in your dog’s care and dog’s health, you can cut costs. It’s good for your dog and your pocketbook. I know I trust Henry’s vet, which is critical. Henry trusts him as well, which is also very important. But the fact that he respects Henry as a being and my budget, it’s kind of amazing. When you find a great vet you really do hit the lottery! 

a dog mom hugs her husky after discovery how a great veterinarian budget benefits her with reducing her dog expenses

Did you know that there are great veterinarian is good for your budget? Are your eyes open to how a great vet can help your budget? 


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