5 Reasons You Might Be Shortening Your Dog’s Life

This is a brutal topic but one we feel we have to bring to your attention. With some of these 5 points you may not realise the consequence your action and choices are having on your loved pet.

With that in mind, this article may seem harsh but as a dog owner, understanding this information is vital for your pets health.

In the world of dog food, it’s clear there are many products on the market to choose from. Manufacturers have developed an ever-expanding list of items which are ALL marketed to create the impression that you are feeding your dogs the correct nutrients.

As a dog owner, it’s important to understand that most of the time these claims are simply just marketing and in some cases the claims are far from the truth! It’s a sad fact that some dog food brands prioritise their company profits over our four-legged friends’ health and well being.


So it comes down to the question – Do you actually know what you’re feeding your dog? Or are you falling for the various dog food marketing claims?

If you are simply taking the marketing information as truth, the chances are you are feeding food which may not be adequate for your pets needs.

Education and understanding is key when it comes to pet nutrition. It’s also essential in helping our animals live happier, healthier and longer lives.

Let’s get into 5 of the reasons you might be responsible for shortening your dog’s life. 

1. Feeding Dry Food

One of the most popular forms of dog food is dry dog food. One of the main reasons owners feed their dogs dry food is because it is cheaper and more convenient.

Unfortunately, not only are most of these foods not made equally, most of them contain unhealthy amounts of substances which can cause our animals daily life discomforts, malnutrition, obesity and sometimes death. 

The most prominent reason for dry dog food being dangerous for your pet is the level to which the kibble is dehydrated. Combine that with the temperatures administered in order to reach those levels of dehydration and what’s left is a disastrous meal.

Having any dog on a diet of purely dry food can cause severe organ damage. The lack of moisture can cause diseases to develop and their kidneys to deteriorate as they are not sufficiently flushed.

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Dog wanting dry food

2. Thinking Dogs are Herbivores

Optimal dog nutrition cannot be possible only eating plant based foods and carbohydrates.

Dogs need meat in their diets!

Dogs are not herbivores and deserve a healthier, meatier diet which is high in animal protein and natural nutrients. Unfortunately for the dog food industry, low-quality carbohydrates are commonly used and accepted in dog foods.

Dangerous filler supplements are also commonly added to feeds to give substance. However, more often than not, these filler supplements have no nutritional benefits for your pet.

labrador retriever eats vegetables from a plate

3. Having a Lack of Understanding

Do you actually know what you are feeding your dog? Or do you understand the consequences a poor diet can have on your dog? Some pet owners will understand the basic composition of their chosen dog food, but very few will go that extra step for their dogs.

Did you know that some dog foods on the market DO NOT contain a high-quality animal protein source?

Dog food brands around the world enjoy nothing more than claiming their use of “real meat” in their dog food. However, it’s not always the case.

It’s down to you as the dog owner to select these brands out and opt for an alternative.

We recommend that you check if the brand’s declaration. If a brand has a clear declaration, they are less likely to be hiding any unwanted extras in their food.

4. Feeding Dog Foods that Contain Sensory Additives, Preservatives and Flavour Enhancers 

It’s a sad fact that there are added preservatives found all the way along the production line of dog food.

The process of producing most dry dog foods includes the addition of toxins. These toxins are safe to consume, but can be responsible for the development of some dog allergies.

When you are searching for a dog food, you should be cautious when a brand claims that their foods are “preservative-free”. Dog food brands only have to declare the preservatives they add and they often neglect to mention the use of preservatives which come from their suppliers. 

Sensory additives are another element which should not be found in dog food. Dogs have exceptional senses and therefore tricked into consuming many of the dog food brands that have sensory additives.

These additives include pungent smelling chemicals which resemble something that your dog would actually enjoy. In some cases, colourants are also added to make the food look pleasing.

Simply put, some dog food products look, smell and taste so bad that they have to have added additives just to make them palatable!

Dry Food is Harmful

5. Your Dog is Overweight and Undernourished

Let’s get one thing clear, dogs are NOT supposed to be overweight.

A traditional diet for a wild dog would consist of high amounts of animal-proteins and minimal carbohydrates.

Your dog’s metabolisms are NOT designed for high amounts of carbohydrates. One of the main reasons why obesity occurs in your beloved dog is due to the number of poor carbohydrates found in most store brand dog foods. 

Think about the consequences of high-carbohydrates nutritionally. Carbohydrates are transformed into sugars (glucose) in the bloodstream which is used as energy and stored as fat for use later. This is as true for humans as it is for dogs.

Dogs are designed for high animal-protein and fatty diets which were traditionally obtained directly from raw animal meat.

By supplementing your dog with a high carbohydrate diet, they become malnourished and obese as a result of the unnecessary carbohydrates.

You are potentially shortening their lives and risking life-threatening diseases.

Advice & Recommendation

If your dog is currently a victim of one of the 5 points above, our recommendation would be to stop and change your current feed.

At Dog Food Info, we have reviewed some of the most popular and best dog foods across Europe. You can find our results here.

Feeding a high quality dog food to your four-legged friend is important to their health and general wellness. Don’t fall for brands marketing campaigns. Always check the foods label and declaration to have a clear understanding of what you are feeding your pet.


At Dog Food Info we feel it is important to make readers aware of these 5 points. We cannot just sit back and allow profit to drive you to feed your dogs a practical poison which is slowly killing them

It’s important to understand what your animal needs. Dogs are important, and they deserve nothing but the best from us as their keepers.

It’s a privilege that we get to share our lives with them. 

To help dog owners across Europe, we have included a shortlist of some of our favourite Dog Food Info recommended dog foods which can be found on our home page here. 

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