345 Amazing Girl Dog Names That Start with A

Choosing the perfect name for your new female pup can be as challenging as it is fun. To help you find the perfect idea, I came up with a huge list of girl dog names that start with “A,” inspired by everything from geography and pop culture to outer space and remarkable women in history. Whether you’re looking for something classic, creative, or completely unique, this list has something for every personality and preference.

Girl Dog Names That Start with A

95 Popular Girl Dog Names That Start with A

Let’s start with a general list of some amazing “A” names for your new female pup!

  1. Abigail
  2. Ada
  3. Adelaide
  4. Adele
  5. Adriana
  6. Aileen
  7. Aimee
  8. Ainsley
  9. Aisha
  10. Alaina
  11. Alana
  12. Alayah
  13. Alberta
  14. Alejandra
  15. Alessia
  16. Alexa
  17. Alexandra
  18. Alexia
  19. Alexis
  20. Alice
  21. Alicia
  22. Alina
  23. Alisha
  24. Alison
  25. Alivia
  26. Aliyah
  27. Allegra
  28. Allison
  29. Alma
  30. Alondra
  31. Alyssa
  32. Amanda
  33. Amara
  34. Amber
  35. Amelia
  36. Amelie
  37. Amina
  38. Amy
  39. Ana
  40. Anabella
  41. Anastasia
  42. Andrea
  43. Angela
  44. Angelica
  45. Angelina
  46. Angie
  47. Anita
  48. Ann
  49. Anna
  50. Annabelle
  51. Anne
  52. Annette
  53. Annie
  54. Annika
  55. Ansley
  56. Antonia
  57. April
  58. Arabella
  59. Araceli
  60. Aria
  61. Ariana
  62. Arianna
  63. Ariel
  64. Ariella
  65. Arielle
  66. Arlene
  67. Armani
  68. Arya
  69. Asha
  70. Ashanti
  71. Ashlee
  72. Ashley
  73. Ashlyn
  74. Ashton
  75. Asia
  76. Aspen
  77. Astrid
  78. Athena
  79. Aubree
  80. Aubrey
  81. Audrey
  82. Aurora
  83. Autumn
  84. Ava
  85. Avalon
  86. Avery
  87. Aviana
  88. Ayla
  89. Aylin
  90. Azalea
  91. Azaria
  92. Azealia
  93. Azul
  94. Azura
  95. Azzurra

50 Nature Girl Dog Names That Start with the Letter A

This list includes a variety of “A” names from flowers and trees, perfect for a nature-loving pet owner!

  1. Acacia
  2. Acantha
  3. Aconite
  4. Adonis (Adonis flower)
  5. Ageratum
  6. Agonis (after Agonis flexuosa)
  7. Akebia
  8. Alcea (Hollyhock)
  9. Alder
  10. Aloe
  11. Alyssum
  12. Amaranth
  13. Ambrosia
  14. Amaryllis
  15. Anemone
  16. Angelica
  17. Angelonia
  18. Anise
  19. Anthemis (Chamomile)
  20. Apple
  21. Apricot
  22. Aquilegia
  23. Arborvitae
  24. Areca (Palm)
  25. Arnica
  26. Aroma (for aromatic plants)
  27. Artemisia
  28. Arum
  29. Asclepias (Milkweed)
  30. Ash
  31. Aspen
  32. Aster
  33. Astilbe
  34. Avena (Oat)
  35. Azalea
  36. Azolla
  37. Alyssum
  38. Azara
  39. Azolla
  40. Azzurra (Italian for “sky blue,” inspired by blue flowers)
  41. Acorn
  42. Ambrette
  43. Ammi (Queen Anne’s Lace)
  44. Anise
  45. Apple
  46. Avens
  47. Allspice
  48. Almond
  49. Amethyst (named after the color of some flowers)
  50. Acanthus

50 Female “A” Dog Names Inspired by Geography

From majestic mountains to vibrant cities, these geographical dog names will reflect your pup’s adventurous spirit.

  1. Acadia
  2. Adelaide
  3. Adige
  4. Adriatic
  5. Aegean
  6. Africa
  7. Alabama
  8. Alaska
  9. Albany
  10. Alberta
  11. Alcona
  12. Aleutian
  13. Alexandria
  14. Alps
  15. Amazon
  16. Andes
  17. Andorra
  18. Angola
  19. Anguilla
  20. Annapurna
  21. Antigua
  22. Apennine
  23. Appalachia
  24. Aragon
  25. Aral
  26. Ararat
  27. Arctic
  28. Argentina
  29. Arizona
  30. Arkansas
  31. Armenia
  32. Arno
  33. Arran
  34. Aruba
  35. Asia
  36. Assam
  37. Asturias
  38. Athabasca
  39. Atlas
  40. Auckland
  41. Aurora
  42. Austin
  43. Australia
  44. Austria
  45. Avalon
  46. Avon
  47. Azores
  48. Azov
  49. Azure
  50. Aysén

50 Outer Space “A” Names for Girl Dogs

These names, drawing from stars, constellations, and other celestial phenomena, offer a universe of possibilities for naming a starry-eyed pup!

  1. Adhara (star in the Canis Major constellation)
  2. Aldebaran (star in Taurus constellation)
  3. Alhena (star in Gemini constellation)
  4. Alioth (star in Ursa Major constellation)
  5. Alnilam (star in Orion constellation)
  6. Alphard (star in Hydra constellation)
  7. Altair (star in Aquila constellation)
  8. Alya (star system in Serpens constellation)
  9. Andromeda (galaxy and constellation)
  10. Ankaa (star in Phoenix constellation)
  11. Antares (star in Scorpius constellation)
  12. Aplha (as in Alpha Centauri, star system)
  13. Apus (constellation)
  14. Aquarius (constellation)
  15. Ara (constellation)
  16. Aries (constellation)
  17. Arpina (exoplanet)
  18. Arrakis (fictional planet from “Dune”)
  19. Ascella (star in Sagittarius constellation)
  20. Asteria (goddess of stars in Greek mythology)
  21. Asterope (star in Taurus constellation)
  22. Astraea (asteroid)
  23. Astro (generic celestial term)
  24. Atria (star in Triangulum Australe constellation)
  25. Aurora (as in aurora borealis)
  26. Avior (star in Carina constellation)
  27. Azha (star in Eridanus constellation)
  28. Astra (meaning “star”)
  29. Astrid (Scandinavian name meaning “beautiful, loved,” often associated with stars)
  30. Aten (asteroid)
  31. Atlas (Titan who held up the sky; also a space shuttle)
  32. Atik (star in Perseus constellation)
  33. Atraxa (fictional character with celestial connections)
  34. Auva (star in Virgo constellation)
  35. Alcor (star in Ursa Major)
  36. Albireo (star system in Cygnus)
  37. Alcyone (brightest star in the Pleiades cluster)
  38. Alectrona (early Greek goddess of the sun)
  39. Alula (part of a star system in Ursa Major)
  40. Amalthea (moon of Jupiter)
  41. Ameretat (immortality in Zoroastrianism, linked to celestial themes)
  42. Amherstia (named after the star in scientific nomenclature)
  43. Ananke (moon of Jupiter)
  44. Anthe (moon of Saturn)
  45. Antlia (constellation, named after the air pump)
  46. Apodis (constellation, means “without feet” in Latin)
  47. Aquila (constellation, represents the eagle)
  48. Ara (constellation in the southern sky, represents the altar)
  49. Arche (moon of Jupiter)
  50. Arethusa (a nymph associated with fountains in mythology, celestial in spirit)

Check out our massive list of star dog names for more ideas!

50 Cute Pop Culture Girl Dog Names That Start with “A”

From books to music to blockbuster movies, pop culture has a ton of adorable “A” names for dogs. Here are my favorites for girls.

  1. Adelaide (from “Guys and Dolls”)
  2. Adora (from “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power”)
  3. Aelin (from “Throne of Glass” series by Sarah J. Maas)
  4. Ahsoka (from “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”)
  5. Aibileen (from “The Help”)
  6. Aimee (from “Sex Education”)
  7. Akira (from “Akira,” Japanese manga and anime)
  8. Alana (from “Saga” comic series)
  9. Alaska (from “Looking for Alaska” by John Green)
  10. Alex (from “A Clockwork Orange”)
  11. Alexa (referencing Amazon’s virtual assistant, often featured in tech pop culture)
  12. Alexis (from “Schitt’s Creek”)
  13. Alice (from “Alice in Wonderland”)
  14. Alicia (from “The Good Wife”)
  15. Ally (from “A Star is Born”)
  16. Alma (from “Phantom Thread”)
  17. Amara (from “The Vampire Diaries” universe)
  18. Amélie (from “Amélie”)
  19. Amethyst (from “Steven Universe”)
  20. Amy (from “Big Bang Theory” and “Little Women”)
  21. Ana (from “Frozen”)
  22. Anastasia (from “Anastasia”)
  23. Andie (from “Pretty in Pink”)
  24. Angelica (from “Hamilton” and “Rugrats”)
  25. Angie (from “Shark Tale”)
  26. Annabeth (from “Percy Jackson” series)
  27. Anne (from “Anne of Green Gables”)
  28. Annie (from “Annie”)
  29. Anya (from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”)
  30. April (from “Parks and Recreation”)
  31. Aquata (from “The Little Mermaid”)
  32. Araminta (from “Crazy Rich Asians”)
  33. Aria (from “Pretty Little Liars”)
  34. Ariel (from “The Little Mermaid”)
  35. Arwen (from “The Lord of the Rings”)
  36. Arya (from “Game of Thrones”)
  37. Asha (from “Game of Thrones”)
  38. Ashildr (from “Doctor Who”)
  39. Asia (from “Rocky”)
  40. Aslan (from “The Chronicles of Narnia,” typically male but could be used for a female)
  41. Asuka (from “Neon Genesis Evangelion”)
  42. Athena (from “Battlestar Galactica”)
  43. Aurora (from “Sleeping Beauty”)
  44. Autumn (from “(500) Days of Summer”)
  45. Ava (from “Ex Machina”)
  46. Aveline (from “Assassin’s Creed”)
  47. Azula (from “Avatar: The Last Airbender”)
  48. Astra (from “Legends of Tomorrow”)
  49. Astrid (from “How to Train Your Dragon”)
  50. Atia (from “Rome”)

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50 Female Dog Names Inspired by Famous Women in History

These names honor a range of remarkable women from various fields, cultures, and periods in history.

female dog names from books
  1. Ada (Lovelace, mathematician)
  2. Agatha (Christie, author)
  3. Aileen (Wuornos, infamous figure)
  4. Aimee (Semple McPherson, evangelist)
  5. Alia (Bhatt, actress and singer)
  6. Alice (Paul, suffragist)
  7. Amelia (Earhart, aviator)
  8. Angela (Davis, activist)
  9. Angelina (Jolie, actress and humanitarian)
  10. Anita (Hill, attorney and academic)
  11. Ann (Radcliffe, author)
  12. Anna (Pavlova, ballerina)
  13. Anne (Frank, diarist)
  14. Annette (Kellerman, professional swimmer)
  15. Annie (Oakley, sharpshooter)
  16. Antonia (Novello, physician)
  17. Aphra (Behn, playwright)
  18. Aretha (Franklin, singer)
  19. Arianna (Huffington, author and businesswoman)
  20. Artemisia (Gentileschi, painter)
  21. Asha (Bhosle, singer)
  22. Asia (Ramazan Antar, fighter)
  23. Aspasia (of Miletus, influential woman of Athens)
  24. Astra (Taylor, filmmaker and writer)
  25. Audrey (Hepburn, actress and humanitarian)
  26. Augusta (Ada King, countess)
  27. Aurora (Quezon, first First Lady of the Philippines)
  28. Ava (Gardner, actress)
  29. Ayn (Rand, writer and philosopher)
  30. Azucena (Villaflor, human rights activist)
  31. Azusa (Hayashi, pianist)
  32. Agnes (Macphail, first female member of Canadian Parliament)
  33. Aletta (Jacobs, physician and suffragist)
  34. Alexandra (Kollontai, diplomat)
  35. Alicia (Alonso, ballerina)
  36. Alma (Mahler, composer)
  37. Althea (Gibson, tennis player)
  38. Amalia (Hernandez, choreographer)
  39. Amanda (Gorman, poet)
  40. Amelia (Bloomer, advocate for women’s rights)
  41. Amy (Johnson, aviator)
  42. Ana (Nzinga, queen of Ndongo and Matamba)
  43. Anastasia (Romanov, Grand Duchess of Russia)
  44. Andromache (Mythological figure)
  45. Angela (Merkel, chancellor of Germany)
  46. Anneliese (Michel, known for her exorcism)
  47. Antoinette (Marie, queen of France)
  48. Aphrodite (Greek goddess)
  49. Apolonia (Apostol, revolutionary)
  50. Arundhati (Roy, author and activist)

I hope this list of girl dog names starting with “A” has inspired you and helped you find the perfect name for your new furry companion. Whether drawn from the beauty of nature, the intrigue of pop culture, the wonders of space, or the legacies of influential women, each name carries its own unique flair and significance. Happy naming and may your adventures with your new pup be as special and memorable as the name you choose for her!

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