Can Dog Food Bowls be Unhealthy?

Most dogs are often regarded as a part of the family and are loved and spoiled just like a child would be. However, have you ever thought about how you serve your pets food? The much-loved “treats” are used mostly when playing or conducting training with the dog. These valued delicacies are usually caught in the air. But what about the four-legged friend’s daily meal? It should be served in a bowl where the dog’s snout fits perfectly. Moreover, it is also recommended the dog bowl is in a fixed place, so the pet understands where they will eat their food and make it their “safe place”. However, there are various other considerations which should be thought off when feeding your four-legged friend; type of dog bowl, cleanliness and location.

Jack Russell Terrier Drinking Water from Bowl

The Stainless-steel Bowl; A Classic among the Feeding Bowl Collection

For years, the stainless-steel bowl has been a classic feeding bowls for dogs. The steel looking quality makes the bowl look good and it is easy to clean as it is dishwasher friendly. However, many dogs do not touch their food or the water from a stainless-steel bowl. This is probably because they can sniff out a metallic taste in the feed with their approximately 220 million smelling cells.

If you decide to buy a stainless-steel dog bowl, you should opt for a product labelled “food safe”. This then gives the certainty that the bowl is safe for your dog. The compound materials of some stainless-steel bowls are elements such as nickel, manganese, or chrome. These materials can cause allergies in some sensitive animals or, in the worst case, cancer.

Dog Food Bowl made from Plant Fibre

Meanwhile, many worried dog owners tend to purchase a food bowl made from plant fibres. This type of dog bowl is non-toxic and environmentally degradable. If your four-legged friend eats out of this type of bowl, they will not be exposed to any poisonous and unhealthy ingredients. Additionally, if the dog licks the bowl, it will not cause any harm.

These types of food bowls are usually designed with attractive images and can fit to the style of every home. A special plus is that these food bowls are dishwasher safe. If you are worried that your pet’s food bowls are unhealthy or could cause harm to your four-legged friend, bowls made from bamboo fibre, rice bowls and resin are certainly a good choice.

Dog Bowl made of Bamboo; Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly

A bamboo dog bowl is free from heavy metals and other harmful substances. It usually consists of around 70% bamboo flour and 30% vegetable starch. Thanks to a special coating, the dog bowl is made from a robust type of wood which can easily be cleaned and usually looks very original. The most important thing, of course, is that it does not harm your four-legged friend. With this type of dog food bowl, as it is from a renewable raw material, you also contribute to environmental protection. This type of dog food bowls is also suitable for the dishwasher and the microwave.

Plastic Dog Bowl

A plastic bowl is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. In addition, there is already too much plastic in our environment anyway. Unlike baby crockery, the manufacturers of dog bowls don’t have to disclose exactly which plastic was used. It is therefore very tedious, if not impossible, to distinguish an unhealthy product from a suitable one. Alkylphenols for colouring, phthalates, which are used as plasticisers, but also azo dyes, which are added to change the colour of the plastic, are routinely added to the production of plastic dog bowls.

TIP: Products labelled with the recycling symbol: 03 for PVC, 06 for PS, and 070 for PVC should not be used for the love of your pets’ health.

Plastic Dog Food Bowl

Ceramic Dog Bowl

A food bowl made of ceramic material usually looks very stylish. While the material itself is not harmful to your dog, it is the glaze that comes from the ceramic which may cause a problem as it can contain heavy metals. With this in mind,  it is important your chosen dog bowl has a food-grade glaze feature. As this will be difficult to see with the naked eye, it is recommended that you grab a branded product,  which clearly highlights the glaze feature.

If the bowl is struck and has cracks, you should replace it immediately. Although these ceramic products are usually heavy, there is still a certain risk of breakage and injury. Especially if your four-legged friend is lively and very fun-loving.

An added advantage of the feeding bowls made of ceramic is that they can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Clean Dog Food Bowl is the Prerequisite for a Healthy Dog Life

The food and water bowl for the dog should be cleaned daily to ensure the well-being and health of the four-legged friend. There is certainly a variety of bacteria from the dog’s mouth in and around the bowl itself and if these are not removed, they can settle and increase with time. Therefore, it is important that you replace a dog bowl with a stained glaze or cracks. If you don’t clean the food bowl in the sink, you should use detergent and hot water to clean it. Alternatively, if your chosen dog food bowl is dishwasher friendly, it is recommended to wash in there. In addition, the food bowl should be on a non-slip surface, which can also be easily cleaned. With a good dog food bowl, your four-legged friend can enjoy the dog food while the owner doesn’t have to worry about the implications their chosen bowl can have on the pet.

For Larger Dogs, a Raised Feed Pot is Better

Larger dogs with muscle and joint problems usually have a hard time eating from a normal bowl. An elevated dog food bowl can help with this issue. The perfect dining place for your big four-legged friend allows them to adopt a healthier posture while eating. This leads to relief in the neck muscles and prevents additional back problems of the animal. Of course, in order for your beloved four-legged friend to be able to eat their meals stress-free, a raised food bowl must stand firmly on the ground. Only then is it possible for the dog to eat in a comfortable position. But again, of course, the food bowl must be cleaned daily, so that no harmful bacteria can settle.

What Should be Considered when Purchasing a Dog Food Bowl?

A food and/or water bowl are important purchases when a four-legged family member moves into your household. The bowl must be the right size and easy to clean. It is equally important that the bowl does not give off any poisonous and unhealthy substances on the food and thus possibly make the dog sick.

Coloured glazes of ceramic cups may contain heavy metals. When in contact with the dog food, it is possible that these toxins dissolve in small quantities from the ceramic. The quantities that are transferred to the feed depend on the temperatures with which it was burned. In addition, the type of dog food, as well as the duration of contact plays a role.

However, a health hazard in a susceptible or older animal cannot be excluded. The problem with a plastic dog bowl is that manufacturers do not have to specify whether the product contains plasticisers or other pollutants, as it does with children’s or baby dishes. In the worst case, this could even cause cancer in your beloved four-legged friend. In a high-quality dog bowl made of stainless steel, the difficulty lies in the alloy.

For example, a chromium compound can damage the DNA and lead to cancer. Nickel very often causes allergy. In turn, metallic niobium dust can irritate both the eyes and the skin. So if you grab a stainless steel bowl, it should be labelled “food safe”. Porcelain food bowls are noble and completely harmless . They can also be inserted in any living space. The same applies to dog bowls made of plant fibres and bamboo.

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